1. I like this lady AVA. I love her solution oriented mindset. Okay–white people are not feeling us….they are not acknowledging us at the Oscars. So….that’s not stopping ME. It’s going to be a hard road uphill. But my goal is to get to the top of the hill. I’m making my film and I’m working SMART.

    I long to see black people take this type of initiative and attitude as a collective in every area we lag behind. And not wait for any kind of handout! If we’d just support each other.

    I will look into this AFFRM and see if there are ways to donate to it.

    I’m encouraged by her attitude and remarks here. If AFFRM puts out work by people like her…then I want to support.

  2. i just watched it and i guess i was looking for a happy ending of some kind. it was just like, life is what it is! but it was very good acting. (i hated the gay thing but what you gonna do)

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