0 23874 is a free tax preparation program by 2nd Story Software. Sure, there's other options out there to use for preparing your taxes, but I find TaxACT to be the creme of the crop. Learn 9 reasons why I think so!

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I'm tech savvy by trade.  I'm also "mommy" to a bright and creative third-grader. So I take note when I come across cool technology programs...

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Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world!

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A while ago I wrote about 7 Benefits of Using Grasshopper’s Phone System. Thought I'd share today about Freshbooks, a productivity tool I use for accounting. More...

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How to stop seeing unwanted statuses or other posts in your newsfeed on Facebook. You can stop the madness!

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We all struggle with it:  endless digital distraction.  Our productivity is gobbled up by incoming e-mails and social media messages, be it Twitter of...

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Recently two friends asked me for information on how to build a website. Here's my detailed answer full of helpful links and other fun resources.

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Here's the keystroke and also HTML coding for creating a non-breaking hyphen.

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The love of my life has a problem. With his laptop. His subscription to TrendMicro ran out. That’s the virus protection software that came included with his PC.

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If you love a great story and suspense, you're a prime candidate to enjoy his latest novel, "The Dead Man's Wife." Check out my interview with him and also the trailer for his new book.

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A friend asked, "Why don't you use Joker anymore and what do you use now?"  (Shout out to Kim Williams aka KIWI.)  I decided...

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You gotta love Google Docs.  At least I do.  Anyone with a free Google account can use Google Docs.  To create spreadsheets, documents.  Even...

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Here's how to open a .PTX transcript files on a MacOS, step by step.

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Here's 4 Ways to Open .WPD WordPerfect files on a Windows PC.

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Here's how to open a .PTX transcript files on a Windows PC, step by step. It's easy. And free!

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Editor's Note:  This post is an excerpt of my post on Six (6) reasons why I dislike GoDaddy. Why did I leave Joker?  After using...

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I'm really enjoying my new Kindle Fire. Here's why I chose the Kindle Fire over the Nook Tablet.

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Do you have an e-newsletter system to send out branded graphical e-mails to your mailing list?

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