9 Reasons I Use TaxACT to File my Taxes | June's Journal image 8

0 24142 is a free tax preparation program by 2nd Story Software. Sure, there's other options out there to use for preparing your taxes, but I find TaxACT to be the creme of the crop. Learn 9 reasons why I think so!
Creative Technology Programs for Elementary Schools (Junior High, Too) | June's Journal image 1

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I'm tech savvy by trade.  I'm also "mommy" to a bright and creative third-grader. So I take note when I come across cool technology programs...
A Bug on the Wall Convo Between (Web) Designer & Client | June's Journal image 1video

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Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world!
Freshbooks:  The Invoice Helpmate Every Entreupeuner Needs | June's Journal image 7

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A while ago I wrote about 7 Benefits of Using Grasshopper’s Phone System. Thought I'd share today about Freshbooks, a productivity tool I use for accounting. More...
Tailor your Facebook News Feed to make you smile, not frown! | June's Journal

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How to stop seeing unwanted statuses or other posts in your newsfeed on Facebook. You can stop the madness!
How to Limit Online Distractions & Increase Productivity (Video) | June's Journal image 1

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We all struggle with it:  endless digital distraction.  Our productivity is gobbled up by incoming e-mails and social media messages, be it Twitter of...
7 Reasons to Use Grasshopper Voicemail | June's Journal

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Would you prefer to receive your voicemails in e-mail? It's what I use to do just that. Read more.
For Parents of Toddlers: How To Block Some G-Rated Movies & Not Others | June's Journal image 2

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Here's how to further censor G-rated movies on Netflix for children.
5 Avenues For Learning HTML & Building Websites | June's Journal

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Recently two friends asked me for information on how to build a website. Here's my detailed answer full of helpful links and other fun resources.
How to Create a Non-Breaking Hyphen in HTML | June's Journal

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Here's the keystroke and also HTML coding for creating a non-breaking hyphen.
7 Ways to Protect Your PC for Free (Buh-Bye Viruses) | June's Journal image 3

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The love of my life has a problem. With his laptop. His subscription to TrendMicro ran out. That’s the virus protection software that came included with his PC.
Top Six (6) Reasons Why I Dislike Go | June's Journal

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A friend asked, "Why don't you use Joker anymore and what do you use now?"  (Shout out to Kim Williams aka KIWI.)  I decided...
Why I Use Bluehost for Domain Name Management | June's Journal

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If you love a great story and suspense, you're a prime candidate to enjoy his latest novel, "The Dead Man's Wife." Check out my interview with him and also the trailer for his new book.
Google Docs is becoming Google Drive & You Get 5GB Free | June's Journal image 2

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You gotta love Google Docs.  At least I do.  Anyone with a free Google account can use Google Docs.  To create spreadsheets, documents.  Even...
How to Open a .PTX File on a Windows PC | June's Journal

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Here's how to open a .PTX transcript files on a MacOS, step by step.
5 Ways to Open/Convert and Edit a .WPD (Word Perfect) File on a Windows PC | June's Journal image 2

20 78812
Here's 4 Ways to Open .WPD WordPerfect files on a Windows PC.
How to Open a .PTX File on a Windows PC | June's Journal

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Here's how to open a .PTX transcript files on a Windows PC, step by step. It's easy. And free!
Call me Batman. I'm Leaving | June's Journal

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Editor's Note:  This post is an excerpt of my post on Six (6) reasons why I dislike GoDaddy. Why did I leave Joker?  After using...
8 Reasons I Chose Kindle Fire Over Nook Tablet | June's Journal image 2

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I'm really enjoying my new Kindle Fire. Here's why I chose the Kindle Fire over the Nook Tablet.
Easy Email Campaigns With Constant Contact | June's Journal image 2

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Do you have an e-newsletter system to send out branded graphical e-mails to your mailing list?

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