Juicing: From Selection to Drinking

Juicing:  From Selection to Drinking | June's Journal

This week my hubby and I juiced some fresh vegetables.  From Produce Junction.  In the juicer that my mom-n-law got us for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun.  We get a little carried away because the video of us juicing (below) is 12-minutes, so we understand if you fast-forward some parts.  We aspire to do 2-min and 5-min videos in the future!  I also plan to post a list of health benefits juicing provides in a future post.  Stay strong.  Grace & peace!

Rod & June’s Beet Blend


  • Kale — 2 bushels
  • Spinach – 2 bushels
  • Carrots — about 6
  • Beets – 3
  • Apples — 6
  • Ginger — One half root
Wash and chop up all the ingredients and add to juicer one by one.  Shake up final product.  Pour and enjoy!
Serving Size:
Makes about 4 tall glasses.

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