When Hospitals Provide Weekend and Night Hours

When Hospitals Provide Weekend and Night Hours | June's Journal

Cough. ¬†Cough. ¬†Cough. ¬†Clear my throat. ¬†Repeat. ¬†Endlessly. ¬†When will this stop? ¬†I’m off work this week. ¬†It’s my “staycation” before I start my new job. ¬† And the only time I’m not coughing is when I’m sleeping or eating. ¬†Hmm. ¬†Since I can’t sleep (due to all the coughing), maybe I could eat nonstop?

I  tried my usual natural remedies to fight colds.  Fail.  Plus I tried juicing.  Tried wanton soup with a ton of freshly chopped garlic added.  Tried green tea.  Herbal Echinacea Tea.  Honey lemon tea.  All the teas mixed together.  With honey powder.  And a dash of cinnamon.  Then with a dash of ginger.  Feeding the cold.  Starving the cold.  Even tried Muscinex.

Apparently I have something more dreadful than a cold. ¬†Because¬†days later I’m still coughing. ¬†Hacking. ¬†And ouch. ¬†My throat hurts from all the coughing. ¬† My head too. ¬†And I don’t seem to¬†possess the skillsets required to upchuck a loogie. ¬†Alas, my life by the hour consists of swallowing¬†phlegm. ¬†Yuck.

Are you okay, Mommy?” my little guy asked (3-yrs-old). ¬†I assured him (cough, cough) that Mommy is just (cough, cough) fine. ¬†(Clear throat.) ¬†(Swallow.) ¬†Ewww.

The thing is, I don’t want to start a new job hacking up my lung. ¬†“Hi, this is (cough cough) June. ¬†Pleased to (cough cough) meet you.” ¬†Not cool.

That’s when I recalled the last coughing fit I had. ¬†Two years ago. ¬†For 2-weeks straight. ¬†Turned out it was bronchitis. ¬†Or some other form of “itis,” the doctor told me. ¬†Antibiotics cured me instantly. ¬†So my rationale is that I need drugs again. ¬†No, not medicinal marijuana. ¬† Just antibiotics. ¬†Maybe I breathed in bacteria while cleaning my germ-filled bathroom earlier this week. ¬†Although my hubby says I was sick before I cleaned it.

But now it’s Friday. ¬†After 5:00. ¬†And my new job starts Monday. ¬†Great. ¬†What doctor’s office is open now? ¬†(Please don’t ask why the revelation that I need to go to the doctor for drugs didn’t occur to me before now.) ¬†¬†But wait. ¬†Isn’t there a nights & weekends clinic now? ¬†Yes, there is! ¬†(Insert hallelujah music here.)

I rummaged through some papers and found a postcard mailed from Lakenau Hospital. ¬†It alerts patients of a new afterhours physicians practice. ¬†Nights and weekends. ¬†No appointment needed. ¬†It’s called Main Line Health NOW¬† (NOW stands for “Nights Or Weekends”). ¬† In Broomall, PA. ¬† The Lawrence Park Shopping Center. ¬† Getting the drugs I need on weekends without going to an emergency room is “Grrreat!” (to quote Tony the Tiger). ¬†After all, is coughing up green slime an emergency? ¬†Plus ERs are expensive. ¬†And. Take. So. Long.

So anyhow, thought I’d spread the word about Main Line Health NOW. ¬† It’s perfect if you don’t want to take a personal or sick day from the job to see your primary doctor. Because you can go outside of normal hospital hours. ¬†They see adults and children.

UPDATE: ¬†Turns out I have¬†bronchitis. ¬† I was prescribed antibiotics and something for my cough. (Plus a chest x-ray prescribed to have done if I’m still not better in a few days. ¬†Pretty thourough.) ¬†I was in and out in an hour. ¬†All without an appointment. ¬†Everyone there was kind and helpful. The doctor even faxed my prescription over to the CVS nearest me which we picked up at the drivethrough. ¬†And my co-pay with United Healthcare was only $20. ¬†I’m already feeling better. ¬†Thank you, LORD!

You can visit the website for Main Line Health NOW by clicking here.  Or watch the below video and read the information under the video for frequently asked questions about the practice.

Main Line Health NOW

Conveniently located at the Main Line Health Center in Broomall‚ÄĒa part of Lankenau Medical Center‚ÄĒ Main Line Health NOW welcomes all members of your family, children and adults. Simply walk in. No appointment necessary. We will even follow up with your doctor to discuss your treatment plan and keep your records up-to-date. For more information, call 1.866.CALL.MLH. Nights or weekends, call 484.421.1NOW.

How is Main Line Health NOW different from the walk-in clinic at my pharmacy?
Here, patients see a board-certified Main Line Health physician in a fully-equipped doctor’s office. Come in when you need to see a doctor but cannot get in to see your own.

What kinds of care can I come in for?
Colds and flu, strep throat, ear infections, upper respiratory illness, sprains, cuts, stomach ailments and more. We also provide physicals for school, work or camp, as well as immunizations. Basically, anything you would see your family physican for, we can help you with. We just do it when most doctors offices are closed.

Do you take insurance?
We accept most insurance plans, including HMOs and PPOs.

Can I really just walk in without an appointment?
Yes. Main Line Health NOW was created for the convenience of our patients. Simply come in during our office hours and you will see a doctor.


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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing that information and commenting, Charrisa. Somehow I’m just now seeing this comment 10-months later. Perhaps we can compile and list all the afterhour places here someday, or create a new page and link to it.

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