7 Natural Remedies to End Colds Quick

7 Natural Remedies to End Colds Quick | June's Journal image 1

I rarely get colds these days, but if I do get one or feel one coming on, doing the below natural remedies clear up my cold/flu the same day or the very next day! ¬†Admittedly, I’m not sure which one of these 7 remedies do the trick. ¬†Maybe it’s the combination of all of them.

1. ¬†Honey Apple Cider Potion. ¬†This is a hot drink that you’ll want to immediately sip! ¬†Both the honey and the apple cider have many medicinal (healing) properties good for our bodies. ¬†For the recipe, click here.

2. ¬†Spoonful of Baking Soda.¬† Pour a glass full of water and add one teaspoon or tablespoon of baking soda. ¬†Stir well. ¬†Drink. ¬†It’s not the best tasting thing in the world, but if there’s a single thing that helps me get rid of a cold quickly, it’s this. ¬†I’ll write a blog post soon on the wonders of baking soda and link to it here.

3.  Vitamin D3.  Consume 4000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.  This vitamin is said to prevent cold, flu, and even some cancers!   Many natural healing websites say the FDA recommends a lower daily dose than what our body actually needs for Vitamin D3 to be effective (because medicine is such a booming business).

4. ¬†Vitamin C. ¬†When I’m sick or feel like I’m about to get sick, I make sure I’m consuming at least 1000 mg of vitamin C. ¬†If I actually have a cold, I may take one initial dose of 2000 mg . ¬†I’m also told the herb Echinacea¬†is good to take, to boost the immune system, but I’m not a fan of it, so I usually just stick to the vitamins.

5. ¬†Alive! Vitamins. ¬†If you haven’t heard Nature’s Way Alive! vitamins, you gotta check them out. ¬†They have them for men and women. ¬†Alive! vitamins contain: ¬†29 Vitamins & Minerals,¬†24 Fruits & Veggies,¬†14 Green Foods,¬†18 Amino Acids,¬†12 Digestive Enzymes,¬†10 Essential Fatty Acids, and¬†12 Organic Mushrooms. ¬† Take one daily!

6. ¬†Hydrate Thyself. ¬†That’s right. ¬†Drink plenty of fluids. ¬†You know it. ¬†But do you do it? ¬†Proper hydration is imperative. ¬†Especially if you’re sick and want your body to recover. ¬†So drink it up! ¬†Preferably water. ¬†I love drinking green tea too, which is also¬†medicinal.

7. ¬†Rest. ¬†Yep, get your sleep on. ¬†If you’re sick, don’t stay up late working on projects. ¬†You may make your body sicker. ¬†Your temple needs rest to heal itself and repair. ¬†So be sure to go to bed early at night while sick (after doing steps 1-6 above)–and/or take long daytime naps if you don’t have to work.

¬†These are all great “preventative” measures too, to avoid getting a cold in the first place. ¬†Except for the baking soda. Save that for when you really have a cold.

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Questions:  What natural home remedies work for you?  You may respond by clicking here.


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