Zumba During Lunchtime in Downtown Philly

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Are you interested in doing Zumba during lunchtime in Center City Philadelphia?  Please read on!

I work in Center City (that’s downtown Philadelphia, PA, for anyone reading this post not from around my way).  The other day my friend at work did a Google search to see what Zumba classes are available in the area that we may participate in during our lunch hour.  We figured that if we were searching online for Zumba classes during lunch time that others might be also!  So I’m creating this blog post, tagged accordingly, so that others seeking to Zumba during lunch can find this post.

Why?  Well, that’s the thing…

If enough people express interest in a class, I’ll contact a few instructors who I think will be very interested in teaching the class once they know there are people ready to join it.

My goal is to get about a half dozen  to a dozen people interested in a class, and I’ll handle the rest by getting the class sparked!  If you let me know you’re interested, I’ll contact you once everything is in order for a class.

Downtown Gyms with Zumba Classes

The official ZUMBA.COM website offers a quick and easy way to find Zumba classes in your area by entering in your zip code.  We found a few gyms near our workplace in downtown Philly that provide Zumba classes for their members:

  • Weston Fitness Center : 1835 Market Street | Zumba classes are every Monday and Wednesday at noon. Also Tuesdays at 6:30 and Thursdays at 5:30.  Each class is 30-minutes long, and you have to buy a gym membership to participate ($65/month) or pay $20/class.
  • Philadelphia Sports Club: 1735 Market Street | Zumba class on Tuesdays at 1:15. Same deal as Weston, must be a member.

Not very appealing options when we simply want to “get our Zumba on” DAILY, Monday thru Friday!

Most companies provide discounts for both of these gyms, so be sure to check with your HR Dept about discounts if you’re interested in a gym membership.  But my hesitation with joining a gym is that I already belong to a gym near my home.  It even includes daycare.  So I’m not too keen on joining two gyms.

Today was actually National Walk @ Lunch Day™, and we saw someone conducting a Zumba class right out in the open outside City Hall.

So that sort of reminded/inspired me to create this post.  If you are a Zumba reading this, please let me know if you are interested in helping with this quest.

What Is Zumba?

If you’re not familiar with what Zumba is, watch the below video playlist, a series of videos that showcase or demonstrate what Zumba is.

According to the official zumba.com website,

“Zumba® Fitness is the Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.”

Zumba Is Not New… It’s Actually “Old”

The Zumba workout was invented in Colombia nearly 20 years ago, but imported to the U.S. only about 6 years ago, by a guy named Beto.  I have two of the original VHS tapes to proove it!   I ordered the tapes from what had to be the first Zumba informercial , and I loved it! (I’m trying to locate those tapes because we still have one of those dual players… it plays both VHS and DVDs).  Zumba appeals to me because I find normal exercising to be rather boring. In fact, even though I have a gym membership, I rarely go into the gym and do what some might call a regular workout (e.g., treadmill, lifting weights, etc).  I basically only go to classes, where there is an instructor telling me what to do, along with fun music and somewhat advanced steps (shout out to my favorite step class teacher, Jocelyn Moye of Fit2Inspire), and it helps being with other people who are all doing the same steps with me.

Sometimes I’m so focused on mastering the steps that I forget I’m working out and the hour flies by.  (Some step classes are actually boring too, so you gotta find the right teacher.)  But even though my gym has Zumba (they call it “Latin Heat”), it doesn’t fit my mom-of-a-toddler schedule.  And the one weekend class I can make is a good workout, but not Zumba.  (I found out that Zumba is supposed to be taught by “certified Zumba instructors,” so maybe that’s why my gym doesn’t call it Zumba.)

What Do You Think?

I’m very interested to hear what others think.  Feel free to post comments below, whether you live in the Philly area or not.  Have you lost weight doing Zumba?  Does your gym have it?  What are your experiences with Zumba?  If you do live in Philly are you interested in Zumba during lunchtime in Center City?  Is wanting to do Zumba every day unrealistic?  Is doing Zumba twice a week for 30-minutes worth a $65/month gym membership in addition to a gym membership that I already pay?  What should the price be for a daily Zumba class during lunch?  If the price is $5/class, that totals $100/month for 20 60-minute Zumba classes.  Any other suggestions or ideas?  Let’s talk!  (Scroll down to the comment section below to add comments.)