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One of the questions I’m asked most is how to land a job working from home. I’ve had some pretty plush work from home jobs over the past two decades. While working from home is not a complete bed of roses (I’ll share some of the cons in a later post), it does have pluses.

Today I simply want to share a list of articles I rounded up for a couple of friends who desire at-home jobs in the medical field.  I’m an IT girl at heart (information technology all the way, baby! #blackgirlscode), so I had to do a bit of research to know what type of remote work is available for those with a passion for the medical world. Turns out there are plenty!

Here are the Links & Articles about At-Home Healthcare Positions

The first article is a great overview of the some of the common telecommuting jobs in the healthcare industry. What I like about it is the “interview style” in which the article is laid out. The questions people ask most about performing a medical job from home (such as salary, guidelines, typical schedules, etc) is asked to Sara Futton Fell, Founder of FlexJobs, and she gives some pretty wonderful answers!

This next article lists jobs you can do from home such as being a nurse (yes, nurses can work from home), medical transcriptionist, medical coding and billing, call center jobs, physicians, medical illustrators or writers/editors, pharmacists, and insurance type jobs.

This next one is not truly an article but an actual listing of job postings that are available right now in the medical field. Bookmark this page and check it often to catch remote medical jobs as they become available. You can also subscribe to this website and request to be alerted by email when ever there are new medical remote jobs added to the list!

This article here discusses some of the companies that offer home positions in the medical field and specifically what type of jobs they offer. It’s broken down into these key areas: Telephone Triage, Case Management, Telehealth/Call Center Work, Medical Coding, and Clinical Research.

Discover the Top 15 remote healthcare jobs according to which is a leading website for helping connect open jobs with job seekers.


The medical industry is a large industry with many opportunities to be part of it while having the flexibility and freedom of working from your home office. This article reinforces that while listing medical transcription and coding jobs, plus work at home jobs for nurses, medical writers, and pharmacists. Yes, even pharmacists.


ZipRecruiter is a popular job search engine, similar to Career Builder. Lots of companies use ZipRecruiter to find great talent for open positions in their companies. Below is a direct link to medical assistant work from home jobs ($25K-48K) that are available now.

What do you Think? Do you have other articles to share?

Are there any links to articles you would like to share? What are the best websites to find job postings for work from home medical jobs? Please consider sharing a comment below to help others who have a desire to work from home in this arena. Shalom!


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