Where to Get Grown Folk Footed Pajamas

Where to Get Grown Folk Footed Pajamas | June's Journal image 3

A¬†couple weeks ago a friend’s Facebook status said,¬†¬†“Where can I get some grown people footed PJS!? I’m cold!” ¬†Then later in the same status she clarified, “I want both trapdoor and footed!”

It gets down right cold in the winter time where I live, about five minutes right outside of¬†Philadelphia, PA.¬† In fact, two days ago we had 14-inches of snow.¬† Our home is heated with radiators that don’t always do the trick at keeping¬†us warm and¬†cozy, even with plastic on the windows.¬† So¬†for bedtime I dress our 2-yr-old¬†little man in his winter onesie PJs, the kind with footies (to keep his little feet warm on our cold hardwood floors).

Anyhow, after seeing my friend’s status, I wondered the same thing… “Where can I get some PJs like my little guy wears? ¬†But fit for an adult like me?”¬† Below are¬†the results into that investigation!

  • WALMARTwww.walmart.com
    Lots of friends I know got adult onesies for Christmas from Wal-mart.
  • TARGETwww.target.com
    Target has then too but sold out at my local store so be sure to buy them before the cold weather hits.¬†¬†Target’s website has them¬†in both junior and adult sizes. ¬†Their selections are kind of “color-box Jane” but affordable.
  • JUMPIN’ JAMMERZ –¬†www.jumpinjammerz.com
    By far Jumpin’ Jammerz is my favorite find.¬† They carry¬†hooded footed adult PJs in lots of¬†fun designs, including the drop-seat kind, so that you can use the bathroom or get down with your spouse while staying warm (laugh).¬† You can even get your college logo embedded–a great¬†gift for the college students in your life.¬†¬†Join their mailing list and
    receive an instant¬†coupon with a discount code for 5% off.¬†¬†It also turns out that the Jumpin’ Jammerz were featured on the Ellen¬†Show when Ryan Gosling was a guest¬†(see the below video).¬†¬† He gave a pair to Ellen and the whole audience. ¬†Gosling starred in “The Notebook,” one of my favorite movies, so it was fun finding and watching this clip.
  • PAJAMA GRAMwww.pajamagram.com
    This is my second favorite find.¬† This site¬†emphasizes¬†getting¬†footed PJs¬†for the whole family, even the family dog (which I found hilarious… the dog?), and¬†you can have your name put on them too.¬† A little over the top perhaps, but I do like¬†the way they ship the PJs, in a very special gift container making for a very classy presentation (see pictures on their website).
  • EBAYwww.ebay.com
    Ebay is where you can find some unique adult PJs with feet, even vintage ones, plaid, and all sorts of interesting finds.¬† That’s all I’ll say!
  • AMAZON.COM –¬†www.amazon.com
    Amazon has some nice ones from Pajama City.

Here’s to helping¬† your footsies stay warm this winter!

Question:  What are other places to grab footed pajamas for adults?  What do you think of grown folk wearing pajamas like this?   Click here to leave your comment.


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