My Treadmill Tale & Tips to Fix a Sportcraft TX5.0 RC

My Treadmill Tale & Tips to Fix a Sportcraft TX5.0 RC | June's Journal

About a week ago I started on the treadmill. ¬† At home. ¬†After work. ¬† We have the Sportcraft TX5.0 RC. ¬†I was doing about 20-minutes per day. ¬†And¬†I’ll be honest. I¬†didn’t¬†feel like it!¬† I’m normally tired when I get home from work. I just want to feed my baby. Bathe him. Eat. ¬†And rest.

But what gives me the strength to walk each day is my family’s support! ¬† First off, my husband is my trainer and coach. ¬†He’s the one who got the treadmill. And very supportive. ¬†And then there’s the baby. ¬†He cheers and applauds when I get off the treadmill. ¬†So I decided 20-mins on the treadmill is something I can do daily.

In fact, one day, I decided to do 30-minutes. ¬†Ten extra minutes! ¬†But that’s when it happened. That same day. ¬†The treadmill broke.

Talk about a curve ball. ¬†Momentusn’m-ly speaking.

We tried everything to fix it. ¬†We couldn’t. ¬†And it wasn’t worth the cost of getting it repaired. ¬†We might as well buy a new one. So we put it on Craigs List in the FREE category. ¬†Along with a link to the online training manual we found. And even included links to some of the¬†troubleshooting¬†threads we found for the problem our treadmill. ¬†(Ours would shut off 3-seconds or so after turning it on. It wouldn’t stay on.) ¬†We stated the treadmill was broke. But three persons immediately contacted us wanting to pickup the treadmill.

So out the broken treadmill went. The gentleman who came and got it… think he had plans to repair it or sell its parts but not sure.

And even though the links I found to the manual and troubleshooting steps didn’t help us, I figure they just might help others! ¬†So below are those links. ¬†And I’ll add good tags to this post to hopefully help others out there find it easy. For persons specifically looking for this information.

Online Manual for Sportcraft TX5.0 RC Treadmill

Diagram/Close-up of the Wires inside our Treadmill

Below are two general troubleshooting tip that worked for other people having a problem with their treadmill coming on for 3-seconds and then cutting right back off.

General Troubleshooting:


1.  Find Disconnected Wire.   Take the front cover off and look for a wire that is off or disconnected. Then put the treadmill back together.

2.  Open the Motor and Check the Roller.  Look on the right-hand side and see if it is loose. The roller may be cracked.


3.  Use Treadmill Lube.  It is suggested to get treadmill lubes.  A one-time application costs around $9.99 (be sure to shop around). And the application lasts for about one-year. So it can be repeated yearly.

If you know of any other troubleshooting tips, please comment below to help others! Thank you.

Also directly below is a video review of the Sportcraft Treadmill if you’re thinking of buying one.


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