Why I Use Bluehost for Domain Name Management

Why I Use Bluehost for Domain Name Management | June's Journal

Since I exclusively build WordPress websites using Bluehost as a webhost (they are recommending by , it just made sense to also use them for domain name management.  Everything is in one central control panel for my clients.  All hosting and domain name concerns.

Each client has their own username and login and can see all their domain names inside their account.  They can have multiple domain names, even multiple websites, built on this one account.  WordPress itself recommends Bluehost as a web host on its website, so I figured can’t go wrong if this is the company WordPress recommends since I do WordPress websites now.  Hosting is $87 per year and domain names are $10 per year.  If you sign up for them, be sure to use my affiliate link so that I referral credit.   Please and thank you!   I was recommending Bluehost so much (they’re really good) that I signed up for their affiliate program.

They have 24-hour support by phone, e-mail or chat.  WordPress is free and they have many other included applications, tools and features.  Since 2007, I have been WOWed by their customer service and technical support.  They really care and people on the phones and chat really know what their talking about.

I recommend Bluehost by the mere fact that the official WordPress website also recommends Bluehost (among other hosts).  Bluehost is only $87 per YEAR.  (If you signup for Bluehost, please use my special affiliate link so that I get credit for referring you).  Again, that’s the ONLY COST you have to pay, besides your domain name, which is usually just $10 or $15 bucks per year.  I figure go with a host that WordPress recommends, instead of any generic host, since Bluehost will probably always support the very latest/recent versions of WordPress and be quicker to help resolve WordPress-related problems and glitches since it’s recommended by them.  And you can even recoup the hosting and registrar fees by charging for ad space.

If you go with Bluehost, all you do is log into the Bluehost control panel and install WORDPRESS from there. Easy as pie. If you need help in any way, just call Bluehost’s free technical support or enter a support ticket through their website.  What also is cool with using a web host where you install WordPress into your own space is that you can have as many websites on that one space as you want, each with their own domain names.  That’s right. As many websites as you care to build, each with their own domain name, all with their own set of templates and plug-ins and content, all for $87 a year.  Now that’s affordable!  And no, they don’t even charge extra for multiple domain name pointers or aliases the way some webhosts try to charge you for this.  Both the Bluehost and WordPress control panels are intuitive and easy to use, even for someone not good on the computer. Droopal and Joomla seems to be more difficult for end-users to use, in comparison.

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