Shae Butter Leave-In Conditioner | by Cantu

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Hands down, this is one of my staple products for my hair.  Cantu’s Shae Butter can do no wrong.  And it’s a leave-in conditioner my wallet can afford.  When I’m out of product, this is a quick item to pickup at most drugstores.  I used to get it at CVS.   The sad news I hear it’s no longer being produced!  Discontinued.  Replaced. By another product that is much different.  The smell, the consistently.  Everything about the new product seems to not be embraced by the natural hair heads who were feelin’ the original shae butter product.  I can no longer find the original product at CVS.  But I’ve been able to find it for sale still online.  I’m trying to stock up on a few!  It’s a great bargain for around five bucks.  I’ve used it on my hear wet and dry.

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