Sesame All Natural Nutty Crunchers

Sesame All Natural Nutty Crunchers | June's Journal

My husband has been my fitness coach the six weeks. It’s been really rewarding for a number of reasons that I’ll blog in detail about at another time.  He has me on a strict diet & exercise plan but today gave me a nice surprise for my evening snack:  Sesame Nutty Crunchers.

Right on the front of the see-through wrapping this unique treat boasts, “100% pure ingredients.”  The ingredients are:  Sesame Seeds, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Honey, Corn oil.  11 grams of fat and 10 mg of Sodium.  I wasn’t too thrilled to read “Corn Syrup” and “Corn oil,” but they are the last two ingredients listed, not the first.  I’d much rather see honey listed instead of Sugar and Corn Syrup.  Usually the sesame threats we get from a nearby Asian grocery store has the kind that has nothing but Honey & Sesame Seeds.

Overall, this beats a Snickers bar any day of the week!   So one thumb way out and 3 out of 5 stars.  As long as I’m not eating these everyday but as an occasional treat.  We only bought one, so it’ll be a few months that I consume another one, and I’ll probably make a point to get the honey kind.  We are what we eat!  So it’s important to begin looking at the ingredients of everything we eat, even if it’s presented in a clear packaging like this (which screams “transparent”) and declares 100% pure ingredients.  The taste?  I really enjoyed it! Delicious.


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