Reading the Gospels in Perfect Harmony

Reading the Gospels in Perfect Harmony | June's Journal image 6

Recently at church, the Book of Luke was concluded.  The last few Sundays of February were spent on the cruxifiction & resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It’s interesting how Luke gives details about these events that the other Gospel authors (Matthew, Mark, and John) leave out and vise versa.

Each Gospel author adds his own special style, perspective, emphasis, and details… the same way any four authors today would do when writing on the same event.  Yet, the Gospels unquestionably harmonize.

Many persons use a study tool called Harmony of the Gospels (see links below) when trying to keep track of which Gospel author said what and when.  Another helpful study aid is the book called, “The Combinded Gospels” by Russel Hubbard White.  I got this book from Amazon for $4 (shout out to Pastor Aaron for the recommendation).  The book combines all four accounts into one story, a “Gospel merger” if-you-will, in chronological order.

There’s also movies that depict the life & cruxifiction of Christ, most notably The Passion of the Christ (which you can watch here online for free).   For other study tools, check below… for PDFs, books, movies, and apps!  If you know of others, please share in the comment section below.


Most of the PDFs are essentially the same thing… just in different formats.  Here they are nonetheless :)



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“Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly excolor-boxs the word of truth.” –2 Timothy 2:15

Question:  Have you ever studied the harmony of the gospels?  What other resources can you recommend that aren’t listed here?  To leave your comment, click here.