Public Shredding Event This Saturday in Philly on August 4th

Public Shredding Event This Saturday in Philly on August 4th | June's Journal

I don’t consider myself a pack rat. I’m the “better half” of the marriage in that department. ¬†Or so I thought. ¬†After all, I love organizing and despise clutter. ¬†So it was an eye opener this weekend going through an old file cabinet. ¬†I had filed a receipt from the gas station. From 2003. ¬†Really? ¬†I even had a folder of “Jiffy Lube” receipts for a car I no longer own. ¬† I also found statements galore from vendors we no longer use. ¬†Along with other outdated or worthless papers. ¬†In fact, I was able to empty out an entire file cabinet. ¬†Which now I’m giving away or selling on Craigs List.

But this left me with lots of personal papers that I don’t wanna simply “toss in the trash.” ¬†In the age of identity theft, this concern is real. ¬†If you’re not aware, folk can use your discarded papers with sensitive info (name, address, phone, account number, or social, etc) and apply for credit in your name. ¬†Or other malicious acts. ¬†The¬†cure? ¬†Shred¬†your stuff! ¬†But this requires having a shredder. ¬†Or access to one. ¬†I had neither.

Then I vaguely recalled hearing about “public shredding events.” ¬† So I Googled this. And guess what? ¬†There’s one such “community shredding event” coming up this Saturday! ¬†In Philly. So I thought I’d blog on it and spread the word. ¬†In case anyone else wants to do some spring cleaning in their file cabinets. ¬†And purge.

It’s a great feeling to purge. ¬†Getting rid of unneeded papers. ¬†These days most vendors allow you to receive receipts as a PDF sent by e-mail. ¬†You can store them in your e-mail or “in the cloud.” ¬†With services like Box or DropBox, etc. ¬†Even the bank allows you to subscribe to “paperless statements.” ¬†How convenient. ¬†It’s neater and easier to find receipts. ¬†And it helps save the environment to boot! ¬† While I’m pruning out old papers, it’s also time to reflect on all the LORD has brought me through! ¬†And to think of the things in my life that I can purge. ¬†Other than paperwork. ¬†Spiritually speaking.

It just so happens that last Sunday’s message at church was on “purging.” ¬† Purging or pruning is an important process in our lives to bear fruit. ¬†As the message so aptly reminded & challenged us, “we were made to bear fruit” (John 15:1-11). ¬†Click here to check it out. ¬†So I will publish this post now so that I can finish up some pruning. ¬†And hopefully someone out there in cyberspace who needs this service will see this post.

Below is the info about a “Public Community Shredding” event this Saturday in Philly. ¬†NOTE: ¬†If you do not live in Philadelphia, visit the PROShed website to see when there will be a public shredding in your area, or do a Google search.

Public Community Shredding Event This Saturday!
Saturday, August 4, 2012, from 1-3 pm
at True Light Fellowship Church
6400 Ardleigh Street, Phila PA 19119 

To help combat identity theft and corporate espionage, PROSHRED¬ģ conducts regularly scheduled community shredding events for residents and home office workers to bring their confidential documents for secure on-site destruction. Your sensitive material is professionally shred right in front of you using PROSHRED¬ģ’s state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks.

Any net proceeds from shredding events are donated to local charity and community groups; offering consumers a secure, environmentally conscious and economic community-based system for disposing their sensitive


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