Before You Order Your Next Pizza, Read This

Before You Order Your Next Pizza, Read This | June's Journal image 2

Oh, no! The Food Babe speaks out about pizza. Well, not that you or I thought there were good things in commercial pizzas like Papa Johns or Little Caesars anyway, right?  But she gives the full and official scoop at her website.  You’ll want to check it out if your family every orders pizzas from Any of the pizzas in the picture below.

Pizzas with MSG

The Good Pizza List

Happily, for all of us pizza lovers (I am one of them, not that I eat it frequently these days), there are some delicious alternatives that are healthy and food for us.  In fact, there are quite a few organic pizza spots springing up (I list two below).  Pus it’s possible to make your own pizza at home, quickly & easily and have it taste similar to take out!

Fusion Pizza

On Food Babe’s website, she lists Fussion Pizza as one pizza chain that is dedicated to organic ingredients and are very open (and friendly) about what is on their ingredients list.  This pizza chain is in the states of Colorado, Florida, New Jersey (Redbank, NJ), North Carolina, and Ohio.  I hope they expand to other states or that more organic pizza spots emerge.

Or, it’d even be nice if some of the mainstream pizza spots sold an alternative organic pizza.  Hmmm. That’s a thought!

Jules Thin Crust Pizza

There is no Fussion Pizza in my area, but a cool alternative is Jules Thin Crust Pizza.

The last couple of times we “ordered pizza,” it was from this 100% organic pizza shop, and it’s delicious.

(They make great tasting organic salads, too.)

There’s a few locations near me in the Greater Philadelphia area.  And maybe near you, too.  Check their website out at www.

Make Your Own

We actually make our own pizza from scratch sometimes, too.  It’s quick and easy.  And by scratch I mean I toast some whole grain flat bread, or an English Muffin and put organic pizza sauces on it (you can buy this at Trader Joes), and put some organic mozzarella cheese on it, some turkey bacon pieces, put that in the oven and… yum! I love them.  (I will publish a separate post with pictures, the exact ingredients, steps on how we make these.)

Unfortunately, my five-year-old son does not.  I was hoping it’d be a winner for his school lunches.  So for him I do other alternatives to create him homemade lunchables each day (don’t buy the lunchables sold in stores).

Just Say No to MSG-Riddled Pizza

Just say no to Papa John’s who has WOOD PULP in their cheese topping, plus MSG.  In fact, all the pizzas in the graphic on this page have MSG in them.  Oh, and if you don’t know who the Food Babe is, definitely get to know her.  Her amazing website is at  Be sure to PIN her pictures and share her articles with loved ones.  I believe my coworker was right.  “They” just might be trying to kill us in America!  (More on that in a future post.)

Faith, hope, love, peace & hair grease.  Just no grease with Partially Hydrogenated Oils (Trans-fat), please!

Pizzas Not to Eat (MSG is only the Beginning)

MSG is a food additive that makes us addictive to certain foods and it does the body bad. Really bad.  To learn more about MSG and what other bad, non-MSG ingredients are in the pizzas in the picture above, visit



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  1. SpicyLime on Nov 27, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    Papa johns uses sugar cane fiber to keep the cheese from clumping in the cooler, I have worked there for five years and looked at those cheese boxes every single day since, it says every ingredient right on the package

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