New York Times Documentary on Transitioning to Natural Hair

3 1119

Check out this 6-minute video on black women “transitioning” their hair.  I loved it.  It was posted on the New York Times website three days ago.  The video is called “Transition.”  And Zina Saro-Wiwa is the filmmaker.  It focuses on black women’s decision to embrace their naturally kinky hair in lieu of chemical relaxers or straighteners.

To read the New York Times article that goes along with this video, click here.

  • Thanks for including this video on your blog.  Going natural is certainly a “transition” and I’m really glad to see so many women embracing what has become a growing trend. :-)

    • Nykki, me too. I’m glad its’ being embraced, particularly in the work place. I think that’s where many women struggle the most. For example, what will the boss thing? Will wearing my hair natural cost me a promotion? What about in a conservative law firm where men with dreads are asked to cut them?

      Have you seen this article on CNN? I loved it! I think you will too:

  • Hey NappieChick! Thanks for your comments. Yes, I love Jesus. He is my all and all and everything and I say that publicly on a world wide web for all to see, amen. (Sorry, you made me wanna preach, LOL.) I will check out your website & subscribe. God bless.