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Lots of women of color are doing it all over the world; that is, getting rid of their relaxed hair forever by chopping it off and letting their natural hair grow out to showcase their natural beauty and to have healthier hair.  

The funny thing is that a lot of black women believe it’s not possible to do this with their hair (e.g., my hair is just too kinky; I “need” a relaxer).¬†¬† I began compiling YouTube videos about natural hair that many women may find interesting.¬† These videos¬†dispell the myth that all women can’t “go natural” and other myths too.¬† It’s all about the products you use in your hair once you go natural and also special techniques in washing your hair and keeping it moisturized.¬†

So for women who are already into natural hair – and those who are not or just learning about it or want to learn more¬†– you may appreciate these playlists from YouTube¬†on the following topics:¬† The Big Chop, Products, and How To videos on Washing and the¬† “Curly Girl Method.”¬† I invite your feedback!¬†

YouTube Glossary: Playlist

A Playlist is a collection of videos that can be watched on YouTube, shared with other people, or embedded into websites or blogs. “Favorites” is your default Playlist, but you can create as many as you want. You can create playlists from the video watch page, your QuickList or from your Account.¬†

This first video actually isn’t a playlist, I just wanted to showcase one of my favorite videos I recently came across regarding natural hair and specifically a demonstration on how to wash your hair and condition it. Notice how “long” this sister’s hair is; this is the result of taking care of her natural hair the proper way for over three years now.¬†

Playlist #1 on Natural Hair: The Big Chop

This is a series of videos that show people’s journeys or “testimonies” of doing what’s known in the natural hair community as “The Big Chop,” popularly referred to as “BC.”¬† A woman who did the BC just¬†means she’s finally cut off all of her relaxed hair so that all the hair on her hair now is “natural” and has never been relaxed.¬† This usually results in the woman having a TWA or “Teeny Weeny Afro.”¬† Check out the videos for tips on how to care for TWAs and what other woman are experiencing who have made this brave move.




Playlist #2 Natural Hair: Products

This playlist compiles the best “product” videos I can find where women are giving product reviews about various haircare products for natural hair, including but not limited to: Kinky Curly, Carolyn’s Daughter, Mixed Chicks products, and many more!¬†




Playlist #3 Natural Hair: Washing & The Curly Girl Method

The third playlist consists of HOW TO videos or tutorials of how women wash their hair. It also features videos where women opt for the Curly Girl Method of washing their hair, also known as the CG Method or co-washing of the hair, which involves using conditioner to wash the hair instead of shampoo. All of this is excolor-boxed and demonstrated in the videos compiled in this playlist. 



When time permits I plan to blog about my own personal “natural hair care journey.”¬† Like many other black women, I did the BC last year and have never felt freer and more happier with my hair.¬† I’ve learned quite a bit from watching YouTube videos and reading websites on natural hair care.¬† I’ll be compiling a list of the best natural haircare sites and sharing them on this blog also.¬† There’s also quite a few salon reviews that I’ll be linking to (mostly salons in Atlanta and Philadelphia).¬†

There is so miseducation that we women of color have about our hair.¬† For example, due to putting in relaxers in our hair, many of us¬†grew up thinking water is bad for our hair and many other “myths.”¬† The natural hair care movement is really informing women, many for the first time, with the real truths about having healthy¬†black hair.¬†¬†I can’t wait to blog more about it.¬† For now I leave you with these YouTube playlists with a promise of more to come.¬† Feel free to comment and¬†suggest your own favorite links.¬†

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  1. Latisha on Jul 24, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    good stuff June: I actually just created a Youtube Channel and much of it will be dedicated to natural hair. I think I may move from blogging to Vlogging at some point. It is a happy medium for me.

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