The Best & Worst Cities, Plus Moving Calculators

The Best & Worst Cities, Plus Moving Calculators | June's Journal image 1

Ever thought of moving?  I have.  As much as I adore the City of Brother Love (read my poem, “My Apologies to North Philly“), I’d love to live in a warmer climate.  I’m an Army Brat who lived ten years Germany where it snowed a lot.  So you’d think I could weather Philadelphia’s weather just fine.  Nope.  Can’t stand it.  I much prefer the weather of Central Florida where I went to college.  But I don’t necessarily want to move back to Florida.

So I began to “Google” around to see what other options there are for warmer climates.  I came across some very amusing lists that I’ve compiled below.  For example, one list is “Top 10 Places to Live in 2011.”  Another is “The Top 22 Churches in America.”  (That could be important to someone wanting to live near (and attend) a great church.

I’ve also listed links to “Cost of Living Calculators” (see below).

The Lists

Top 10 Places to Live in 2011

CNN’s List of Best 100 Places to Live in 2011

The 10 best places to live in the U.S.

10 Best Places to Live Worldwide in 2011

10 Worst Places to Live

The Best Places To Retire Outside the US

7 Recession-Proof Places to Retire

The Top 22 Churches in America

10 Best Places for Single Moms to Live

2011 Best Cities to Live In & Raise a Family

The 15 Best Cities for Young Latinos

Companies with the Happiest Employees

The World’s Best Places to Live

20 Cities You Don’t Want to Live In Yet

The 16 Best Places In The World To Live

Top 10 US States With Best Weather Year Round

The Best Places to Live for Warm Weather

Best Cities for Allergies in U.S.

America’s Top 20 Healthiest Cities

The Cities Where America’s Wealthiest People Live


Which American Cities Best Fit You?  (Take A Quiz)

Cost of Living Calculators

Cost of Living Calculator: Compare prices in two cities – CNNMoney

Cost of Living Calculator |

Cost of Living Calculator – Salary

PayScale – Cost of Living Calculator

Cost of Living Tool – Salary Comparison –

Cost of Living Comparison, Salary Calculator –




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