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At first I didn’t consider this product because of its name.

“I’m not mixed,” I reasoned.  Foolish, I know.

But I’m so glad I gave it a try!  It’s one of my favorite leave-ins now.  So much so I bought the huge 33 fl. oz version that comes with a hand pump.  The other size they sell is 10 fl. oz (pictured below).

The smell is nice. The consistency is nice.  And it doesn’t leave your hands (or hair) feeling greasy or sticky.

I also like what it says on the bottle:

a curl defining formula deigned for “us.”
Whether you’re Black, White, Asian, Latin,
Mediterranean, or any glorious combination of the above,
you’ll love the way this alcohol-free, non-sticky,
lightweight product leaves your hair inviting to touch a it
define and locks moisture into every curl.”

What’s also interesting is that while I use it as part of my natural hair regimen, I have a girlfriend who chemically relaxes her hair, and she uses it.  After washing and/or wetting her hair, she puts some in and let’s it dry naturally.  It gives her cute waves and curls.  And she’s not even a natural hair person.  So it can be used by a lot of hair types, both natural and chemically straightened.

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