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Join Joshua's Journey to Wellness | June's Journal

Last Sunday in church service I watched a presentation (see video below) of how God performed a miracle for 7-year-old Joshua Sanderson.  In 2006, doctors said he’d never walk or talk.  That he must be institutionalized.   But his family & church prayed.  They had faith.  And God moved.

Today Joshua is not only walking and talking and living at home with his family, but he’s reading adult fiction among many other amazing tasks.


God also blessed the family with a paid grocery trip courtesy of football player DeSean Jackson, beating out 150 other applicants.  (Read this article and watch video below.)

Now in 2012, the family needs more volunteers!  To learn more click here.

The family also needs donations.  To give a donation, please use the contact information below:

Facebook:   Joshua’s Journey to Wellness


Cell:   267 269 7272

Website:   Coming soon!


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