Join Joshua’s Journey to Wellness (Continued)

Join Joshua's Journey to Wellness (Continued) | June's Journal image 1

There are many different volunteer tasks needed for Joshua Sanderson.  You can help monthly, weekly, or daily.

First, here’s a glimpse into Joshua’s typical day:

  • 3 meals and 2 snacks
  • 40 respiratory masks
  • 15 CO2 treatments
  • 2 hours respiratory patterning
  • Read books
  • Learn math
  • Practice facilitated communication
  • 15 physical therapy circuits
  • 1 hour patterning
  • Play with brother and sisters
  • Love Mom and Dad

Join the MONTHLY volunteer team:

  • Help prepare food & learn nutrition for Joshua’s health and yours.
  • Accompany Josh during 1st service each month.
  • Help prepare learning materials.
  • Assist Kelly Simpson in planning JOSHUA’S JOURNEY 5k RUN/WALK

Join the WEEKLY volunteer team:

  • Patterning.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Early childhood development.
  • Additional food preparation.

Join the DAILY team:

  • Prayer warriors who eagerly anticipate God’s move through Josh’s ministry.
    • Digestive System Healing
    • Weight Gain
    • Family Support
  • Send Josh messages of encouragement.

How to Volunteer:

If you live in the Philadelphia area, attend church regularly and can provide a reference from your pastor, please use the below contact information to contact Shawn & Chiana your time or talents!

If you prefer to give a donation, in any amount, please also use the contact information below.

Facebook:   Joshua’s Journey to Wellness


Cell:   267 269 7272

Website:  Coming soon!


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