How to Open a .PTX File on a Windows PC

How to Open a .PTX File on a Windows PC | June's Journal

First, what is a .PTX file?

PTX files are deposition or court transcripts created with RealLegal E-Transcript software, now owned by Thomas Reuters/West Law.

Unlike EXE files, PTX files are not blocked by firewalls or virus protection software. They are also smaller than EXE files, so a preferred file format for many.  To learn how to open them, read below.

How To Open .PTX Files:  3 Easy Steps

You can open .PTX files by installing the free E-Transcript Viewer.  If you need directions, read below.  Or, watch the step by step video here (also below).

1.  Download E-Transcript Viewer.

E-Transcript Viewer is FREE software that allows you to VIEW .PTX files.  To download it now, CLICK HERE. After clicking that link, a West Law web page will come up (West Law is owned by Thomas Reuters who owns the RealLegal Software).  On that page, you want to click an orange rectangle button that says DOWNLOAD.   Be sure to pay close attention and remember where the file is being downloaded to on your computer; for example, your desktop, my documents, or the downloads folder.

2.  Locate the File You Downloaded.

Once you’ve downloaded E-Transcript Viewer, you must install it.  So find the file that you just located.  (Note:  If you are unable to locate the file, you can do a SEARCH on your computer for this file name:  EBundleViewer.exe).  If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome as a web browser, your downloaded files may go directly to your downloads folder by default. Alternatively, you can can obtain E-Transcript Viewer by contacting RealLegal at (888) 584-9988.

3.  Install E-Transcript Viewer.

Double-click the EbundleViewer.exe file and an installation wizard will appear. Keep clicking NEXT until you see a FINISH button.  Now you’re all set!  You can now open PTX files on your computer.  For example, if you received an e-mail with a .PTX attachment that you couldn’t open earlier, go back to the e-mail and now click the attachment.  The transcript will open up in E-Transcript Viewer!  You can then view it, print it, save it to PDF, search for keywords, etc.

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