How to Open a .PTX File on a MacOS Computer

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What is a .PTX file?

.PTX files are deposition or court transcripts created with E-Transcript software by RealLegal. ¬† If you’re on a Macintosh computer running a MacOS, never fear, a solution for you is here!

How To Open .PTX Files on Your Mac:  Step by Step

You can open .PTX files by converting the PTX file to a CLT file, and then you can view the CLT file in DepoSmart, Clarity Viewer, or TrialSmart.   Sound overwhelming?  Follow the steps below.

  1. Convert the PTX to a CLT filetype.
    Converting the PTX file to CLT is as easy as uploading it on a webpage provided by Clarity Legal.  They offer this free conversion service that works right on their website for Mac users like you.  To upload and convert your PTX file at their website now, CLICK HERE.  Just click the CHOOSE FILE button on that page to upload your PTX file, and it will be converted and e-mailed back to you as  CLT file.
  2. Download a CLT Viewer.
    After you receive your PTX file in CLT format using the directions in the above step, you’ll want to vew that CLT file on your Mac. ¬†There’s a few ways to do this.
    (a) Download the free Clarity Viewer for MacOS
    (b) Download the free Clarity Viewer for your iPad or iPhone (search the APP store)
    (c) Download the free DepoSmart for MacOS
    (d) Download the free TrialSmart for MacOS¬†Those freeware softwares for MacOS (also available for Windows OS) can all be downloaded from here. ¬†Just choose which one you want to download from the dropdown menu choice towards the bottom of the form. ¬†If you’re not familiar with any of these freewares, try Clarity Viewer first, especially since you can also get the phone apps of the same software if you like it. ¬†After you download one of the options above, go ahead and install it on your computer.
  3. Open the CLT File up in the Viewer That You Just Installed
    Now just open the CLT file up inside whichever option in the previous step you selected: a, b, c, or d.
If you have a Windows PC, you can download E-Transcript Viewer to view PTX files. Click here for more info.

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