Forget Milk. Cucumber does the body good.

Forget Milk. Cucumber does the body good. | June's Journal image 1
Why the cucumber is a must in your diet, a cool song, recipes, and more…

I was really tickled by this video; a clever way to communicate all the great benefits of cucumbers!  This song makes me want to add some cucumber slices to my water bottles!

This Jamaican song is rich in culture and information on why the cucumber does our bodies good. Who really remembers that such a tiny veggie can have such an impact, so it’s nice to have such a creative reminder like this song.

An All Natural Nutrient

It never ceases to amaze how many wonderful attributes are built into the fruits and vegetables.  If only we ate more of what God naturally put here on this Earth for us to naturally properly nourish and heal our bodies, and ate less of processed or manufactured non-foods.


The Cucumba Remix Song

This song breaks down all the many benefits of the cucumber.  And I gotta admit… except for eating salad, I have not purchased a cucumber in quite a while. Time to change all that!

If it goes too fast, this version of the song includes lyrics and the lyrics are also below!

Song Lyrics

today’s all about this
The Cucumber
Or as the call it in Jamaica
Vitamins, minerals very high number,
Silica, hair and nails get longer,
Other vitamins make your bones dem stronger,
Anti wrinkle make you look younger
95 % water
Kidney cleanser, great hydrater,
Detox, viber, good regulator,
Give your body good things don’t ne traitor
Get the cucumber cut it inna slice,
Put it inna jug of water overnight,
You know what you get for a fraction of the price ?
Energy drink full of electrolytes
Raw inna salad is the one of the use
Or as a base for your vegetable juice
Another surprise …
Put a slice on your eyes
Take away the dryness revitalize
Oh yes one thing i have left
Cucumber can also help with bad breath
Wash away with bacteria that cause the odour
Cucumber water instead of soda
Macka B medical monday

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Cucumber and Celery Weight Loss Transformation Juice

One of my favorite health bloggers on the web is Drew of FitLife.  He actually gives away free juicers to people who watch and comment on his videos.

Check out his cucumber and celery weight loss juice drink below. I personally do not like celery — yuck — but listen to what Drew says about it below and you might try it every now and then even if you don’t prefer it!

He talks about an enzyme in cucumbers that helps you build muscle and lower fat.

Cucumber Foods



There is a ton more info and goodies online about cucumbers but I hope something I shared was helpful! You can also create pickles from cucumbers, or pickup pickles form the Farmer’s Market (they are the real deal there, not-so-much in today’s grocery stores). And eating fermenting food is good for your gut!

Whatcha Think?!

Tell me if you regular eat cucumbers or add cucumber slices to your water? Yes? No? If no, will you start? What recipes do you recommend? Do you believe God created cucumbers? Why or why not? Do you ferment cucumbers and make pickles? Do you eat pickles but not cucumbers? Why or why not?  Click here to comment.

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