Hair Milk Line | by Carol’s Daughter

Hair Milk Line | by Carol's Daughter | June's Journal image 2

Hair Milk Original Curl Definer (Leave-In Conditioner)

Here’s some quick notes about Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk Curl Definer:

    • Smell.  You’ll either love or hate the scent of Hair Milk Leave-In Conditioner by Carol’s Daughter.  I happen to like it.  But then again, I’m partial to lemon grass.  One of the primary ingredients is lemon grass oil and the fragrance reminds me of lemon grass (often found in Thai food).  While this is not one of my natural hair products, it’s a keeper none the less.
    • Definer.  As a curl definer, it is okay.  I like the way it replenishes oils in my hair, but would not imagine using it daily because it leaves an oil residue on your pillow.  Even if you wrap your hair in a scarf, it makes your scarf oily!  That’s probably my main gripe about using this product for natural hair styles.  While it doesn’t feel greasy to the touch, the oils will stain bedding.
    • Blow-Outs.  However, it’s great for blow-outs and using the flat-iron to straighten your natural hair due to its essential oils and substance.  The consistence is like a lotion and easily absorbed into the hair.  People with relaxers who do not have natural hair can use it also for extra sheen.  And even non-African American women use this product to control frizz.  Just a tiny dab goes a very long way.

Hair Milk Shampoo

As for their shampoo, stay far away from it for Black natural hair.  My experience is that it completely strips your hair, too much.  I now exclusively use Miss Jessie’s shampoo when I do shampoo.  I tend to co-wash with Suave conditioner.  The Hair Milk Shampoo by Carol’s Daughter doesn’t smell that great either.

Hair Milk Conditioner

As for the Hair Milk Conditioner (not the Leave-in but the regular Conditioner), I can take it or leave it.  It’s a bit pricey for what Suave can do, ya know?

Hair Milk Lite Curl Definer

They also have a “Lite” version now of their Leave-In Conditioner.  I didn’t much like it.  It did not smell the same nor included the lemon grass oil. But I can understand why this alternative “lighter” version (with less oils) might be preferred by some hair types.


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