Got a Lot of Basil? Do this!

Several weeks ago, I came home with a basil plant from the supermarket. Well, truth be told, hubby came home with one at my request! Over the years, I’ve noticed these from-the-grocery-store-plants don’t last terribly long. I did a bit of research and found out why! They are overcrowded. You have this itty bitty plant holder with multiple basil plants. The idea is that you are going to use a whole lot of fresh basil in whatever you are cooking, or you’ll use it up for multiple dishes. Not me. I’m trying to have a long-lasting plant that keeps producing.

Anyhow, the reason it dies so fast is the multiple basil plants are competing for nutrients. Their roots are all entangled at the bottom. This YouTube says it best.

What I do now is exactly what the YouTube suggested. I separate each basil plant and put it in its own pot and grow it. I also cut stems and stick them in water to further propagate my basil plant. (If you didn’t already know, sticking the cut-off basil stems in water causes them to grow roots an they will continue to thrive just in water alone.)

Here is a picture of both my basil stems in water and basil plants in the window.

Basil is great to plant mixed in with other plants, as bugs generally don’t like basil. Throw in some basil and lavender in your garden beds, and it helps reduce pests.

I love growing basil indoors, however. In my window seal in particular because it’s handy. But I do need to trim the tops and harvest it every so often so that it keeps growing.

I love what this blogger says to do: make pesto! Check out her wonderful article and recipe for doing just that. I do the recipe just like she said except I add just a tiny bit of smoked paprika and omit the cheese. I also used walnuts since I was fresh out of pine nuts. Actually, we don’t normally have pine nuts. IT came out great!

I also have a dehydrated and can dehydrate it and blend it into a powder and make my own basil powder for select dishes.

Praise YAH for His wonder basil!


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