10 Reasons Why Honey Powder is a Better Way to Sweeten

10 Reasons Why Honey Powder is a Better Way to Sweeten | June's Journal image 2

My friend/colleague has turned me onto an oldie but goodie: honey powder.  I love it.  It comes in a nice resealable bag, and instead of putting sugar or an artificial sweetener into my tea or coffee, I now add the honey powder crystals!

Here’s a few of the benefits of honey powder:

  1. Instantly Dissolves.  The powder immediately dissolves into anything hot that it’s put in, like hot tea or coffee.
  2. Low Calories.  It is only 54 calories for a half ounce… just enough to sweeten a tall cup of green tea or coffee.   Sugar has a lot more calories.  And when using honey, you don’t have to use as much to make something taste sweet.
  3. All Natural.  It’s 100% natural.  God made it.  Well, the bees (who were created by God) made it.  Honey powder is a great alternative not only to sugar but to artificial sweeteners.  Natural is always better than artificial.   Too much sugar is not a good thing.  So this is a great substitute to try.
  4. Organic.  It’s also organic.  Meaning the pollen was not removed from the honey in the making of the honey powder crystals.  Believe it or not, lots of stores sell honey that has no pollen in it!  Read this.
  5. Medicinal.  Honey is actually good for your body! To read up on the healing properties of honey, check out the video and book at the end of this article!
  6. Taste.  It tastes delicious.  I personally think it tastes better than cane sugar in many cases, and it’s so much better for the body.
  7. Versatile.   It is recommended for tea, coffee and when baking and cooking, according to the package which also boats that it’s “the best choice for your sweetness.”   Oatmeal is another thing it can be put in.   I like green tea, which is an antioxidant and has many medicinal properties.  My job has a K-Cup machine, and they provide green tea for free.  Also different flavors of coffee.  And instead of adding creamer and sugar to my coffee now, I simply add some of the honey powder. Surprisingly, it’s delicious!  And so much better for me
  8. Multiple Brands.  The brand I have is Golden Cactus Honey Powder, but there are several other brands.  You can find them online (for example, amazon.com).  My colleague gets hers at a nearby Asian grocery store.  I have one in my area, so I’ll be checking there soon.
  9. Long Shelf Life.  The bag itself has a shelf life of 3 years.
  10. Resealable Bag.  The honey powder is ultra convenient and comes in a resealable bag.  This makes it super easy for me to store one in my desk at work, and one at home. No mess like the liquid honeys!  And it stays fresh.


Question:  Have you tried honey powder yet?  If not, what do you think about using it to replace sugar?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

  • Hello,
    Found this article on honey powder. Intriguing. Personally, I love the real deal–straight from the hive which I got to experience!
    Cal Orey
    author of The Healing Powers of Honey

    • Hello Cal, it’s kind of cool that the author of the book I recommended checked out my page. Thanks for stopping by! :)

      I’ve never had it straight out of a bee hive, but I’m sure it tastes great! I like regular honey as well, but having the honey crystallized into powder has benefits, like instantly dissolving into coffee, tea or oatmeal, etc. Thanks again for commenting.

  • Charlisa Scott

    June, is this sold at Whole Foods / Trader Joe’s?

    • Charlisa, for the past year I’ve had a coworker buy this for me. I’d give her $5 and she’d come to work with a new pouch whenever I ran out. SHe got it from an Asian market, she said. They also sell it on Amazon.com. As far as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, I’ve not noticed it there, but next time I go to each I will specifically ask about it! If I find they have it, I’ll letcha know. If you happen to see it at those places or others, please let me know!

    • My husband gets this for our family at an Asian Market near 69th Street called H-Mart. But I hear other Asian markets sell it as well. Plus Amazon sells it (as a prime product, so free shipping for prime users).

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  • Charlie

    From the look of the picture above, the product you are using isn’t actually honey powder. It is Agave syrup powder from the Mexican cactus plant. This isn’t as healthy, and unfortunately actually contains no honey at all. Also be wary of powdered honey that can be only between 20-80% honey with ingredients like maltodextrin, sugar, corn starch, etc added to maintain pouring consistency.

    • Charlie, thanks for your cautionary comments. I will be sure to keep them in mind. However, I’m holding in my hand right now the honey powder we use, and here are the ingredients it lists: Pure Honey, and Maltodextrin. That’s it.
      The brand we have is by Arizona Farm called, “Cactus Honey Powder.” Like the one in the picture. The picture is of the very first pouch I tried.