Excedrin Recall: Check Expiration Date

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Excedrin posted the following recall message on its Facebook page yesterday.  A lot of people, including myself, use Excedrin from time to time.  So thought this one was worth adding a blog post about.  (I personally use their Back and Body product.)

They are recalling all lots of the following types of their products with expiration dates earlier than 12/20/14:

Excedrin® Extra Strength Caplets
Excedrin® Extra Strength Express Gel Caplets
Excedrin® Extra Strength Gel Caplets
Excedrin® Extra Strength Tablets
Excedrin® Back & Body Caplets
Excedrin® Sinus Headache Caplets
Excedrin® Migraine Caplets
Excedrin® Migraine Gel Tablets
Excedrin® Migraine Tablets
Excedrin® Menstrual Complete Express Gel Caplets
Excedrin® PM Caplets
Excedrin® PM Express Gel Caplets
Excedrin® PM Tablets
Excedrin® Tension Headache Caplets
Excedrin® Tension Headache Express Gel Caplets
Excedrin® Tension Headache Gel Tablets


There’s a couple of articles online about it, including CNN and Excedrin’s website if you want to stay posted on the latest information.  Presently not too much information is given other than there may be particles/tables in the bottles that aren’t really Excedrin!