How to Eat Organic in Lansdowne, Pa

How to Eat Organic in Lansdowne, Pa | June's Journal image 1

If you live in Lansdowne, Pa, or nearby and want to eat organically, save yourself a trip to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Genardis, Wegmans, or the nearest produce¬†junction. ¬†There’s places right in this small town to get naturally grown goodies.

First, there’s the wonderful¬†Lansdowne Farmer’s Market. ¬†Second, believe it or not, you can find organic foods these days at the Giant grocery store in Lansdowne. ¬†Shocking but true. ¬†They have a special organic section. ¬†The Regency Cafe (coffee shop) on Lansdowne Ave in town used to be organic only but not so sure now that there are new owners. ¬†Third, there’s a little spot, right in Lansdowne, that more people should more about!

harvest-local-webThey are called Harvest Local Foods. ¬†They’re just off Lansdowne Ave and Marshall Roads, at¬†305 Windermere Avenue to be exact.

Since my husband and I like to juice (see below video), we are blessed to have organic goodies in walking distance. ¬†But if you don’t live in Lansdowne, or even if you do, Harvest Local delivers! ¬†In fact, you can place orders right online at their website at How’s that for convenience?

You don’t even have to be home for them to deliver your goods. ¬†They’ll leave them in crates in a location you designate outside your home. ¬†While this seems “risky” when I first heard about it, I guess they don’t have any issues with theft since they’ve been WOWing their customers with their “food on your porch” service for a few years now.

In addition to selling organic foods, what is great about this market is that the food is locally grown.  Supporting local farmers helps more of the good stuff to be farmed.  So while at times I may daydream about being in a warmer climate during chilly winter mornings, I count my blessings of where I currently live, and Harvest Local Foods is one of them!



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