Easy Vegan Crock-pot Recipes: Dinner’s Ready After Work!

Do you Own a Slow Cooker?

Most of us own a crock pot.

But many of us don’t use it. We forgot how wonderful this cooking invention is.

Great for Working Women

You load it up with the ingredients in the morning (or the night before), then when you get home from work, dinner is ready! This is great even if you don’t work. My hubby loves to use the crockpot when we are vacationing or when he must bring in a meal for a potluck at work. Crockpot meals have a lot of diverse purposes!

Meat is Optional

More families than ever are vegan these days, or vegetarian. Not me, however, I intentionally eat “less meat.” I’ve discovered that it is not necessary to eat it every single day nor at every meal. Too much meat in anyone’s diet is a health risk. Excess of anything, especially meat, will cause that.

You’d be surprised how delicious a vegan meal can taste. Plus, it’s better for our bodies to not consume items that fill it with mucus, the root of most diseases. But if you prefer to eat meat, you can easily add chicken, beef, lamb, or fish to any of these recopies. Get creative! Be sure to stay clear of pork, shrimp and other foods that were never intended to be food for humans. More on that in another post!

I’ve rounded up crock-pot recipes that are, you guessed it, vegan. That way everyone can try these and enjoy!

Shabbat Shalom

My family observes Shabbat, and we especially enjoy cooking in the crockpot for those days. All we must do is plug in the crock-pot so that it heats up, and a delicious meal is waiting on us in no time at all.

For now I present to you multiple links that provide some great ideas to try for Easy Drop-and-Cook (Set-it-and-forget-it) Vegan Meals in the slow cooker. Please comment below if you try any of these. I’d like to know the results!





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Start these in the morning or even the night before and will be ready when you arrive home from work!


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