Creative Technology Programs for Elementary Schools (Junior High, Too)

Creative Technology Programs for Elementary Schools (Junior High, Too) | June's Journal image 1

I’m tech savvy by trade. ¬†I’m also “mommy” to a bright and creative third-grader.

So I take note when I come across cool technology programs for schools.  Below, I list some along with related articles full of tips and resources.

Class Education for Today’s Schools

The first two listed (WeVideo and GoAnimate) cultivate the creative side of technology in fun, collaborative ways. ¬†These are must-have skills for today’s students headed to college or the job market.

My son’s school has two of the ones listed (GoogleClassroom and Whooos Reading). ¬†Unfortunately, he did not get to experience GoogleClassroom in the second grade, but students in higher grades do.

My husband and I also seek ways to¬†complement our son’s classroom curriculum. ¬†This can be trips to the local library, area museums, STEM summer camp, and the like. ¬†We seek programs and activities stimulate his thirst and quest for technology arts (i.e., cartoon animation, voice acting, screenplay composition, and the like). ¬†I¬†will list some of the options we found in another blog post.

Quality Technology Curriculum

This below list of programs is for parents, teachers and principles. Perhaps a principle is researching programs to consider incorporating for his or her elementary or  junior high school. Some of these are even geared for high school students.  School districts may also be interested.

This is not a comprehensive list, so if you have some favorite programs you know of, please comment so that myself and others can know about it.

Programs & Resources Worth Checking Out

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