Cosi’s Calorie-Loaded Signature Salad

Cosi's Calorie-Loaded Signature Salad | June's Journal

I love me some Cosi’s. I agree with their slogan, “Life should taste good,” and their unique and healthy salad, soup, and and sandwhiches do just that… taste good.  And on top of that, it’s where my hubby and I had first gave each other “that look.”  My girlfriend, hubby, and I (before we were married) went out for some hot apple cider at the nearest Cosi’s after Bible study and when my girlfriend went to the bathroom, I was asked that memoriable question, “What do you think about us?”

I’ve graduated from apple cider to the partaking of Cosi’s signture salad.  And my husband, being the creative and efficient man that he is, often orders mine with chicken added, knowing that if it’s going to be my dinner, this makes it “complete” for my chicken salad lovin’ self.  But little did we know about the dirty little secret about this particular salad at Cosi’s.  It’s 870 calories! And that’s WITHOUT the chicken.  Oh, the horror!

Coming to find out, Cosi’s Bombay Chicken salad is only 269 calories and INCLUDES chicken!  Thank God for those EAT THIS NOT THAT books.  It really helps to point out some common pitfalls we all unknowingly make about our food choices in resteraunts.  So this blog post is just about helping to get the word out.  If you are trying to gain weight, then the Cosi’s signature salad is for you!  If you are trying to LOOSE weight, you may not want to eat a lot during your other two meals, and don’t order the bread with your salad.   Their whole wheat bread on the side is so yummy, right?  And then there’s the calories that your beverage adds unless you’re drinking water.

I used to not eat any bread, ever.  Not that I didn’t like it, just was usually too full and kind of knew that would pack on the pounds and calaories. But in recent years (I’ll blame it on married life) I’ve let my “bread guard” down and have been enjoying bread with meals and the scale reflects this change in my diet.  So I may go back to not eating bread and eating grains in moderation, and only eating whole what grains. But that’s a story for another day!


You can also view the entire Cosi menu on their official website at

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  1. Charlisa on Oct 23, 2010 at 8:37 am

    I too loved their Signature Salad, would eat it at least twice a week. Don’t get me started on the bread. I would feast on a few of the discarded pieces generously offer to customers while waiting for your food. After noticing the caloric intake of the salad alone, I decided to give it up and eat there less frequently. Like quarterly, if that!

  2. June on Oct 24, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Hey Charlisa! Thanks for sharing. I totally understand now why resteraunts are required to publish the calories on their menus. I was so shocked to find out that a simple avocado turkey burger from Ruby Tuesdays is 886 calories. Plus most folk get it with fries and probably a drink!

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