How to Get Relief for Tired and Strained Eyes That Stare at a Computer Screen Most of the Day

How to Get Relief for Tired and Strained Eyes That Stare at a Computer Screen Most of the Day | June's Journal image 4

Do Computer Glasses Really Help?

Lifehacker weighed in on this question here. ¬†Great article. ¬†And I must agree. ¬†Here’s my story.

Recently my step-mom texted me to say happy birthday.

Text from my Step Mom (1 of 2) text2

Computer Glasses… ¬†Who Knew?

Since it was time for me to re-order my contact lens, I figured I’d also order some computer glasses. ¬†So I went to¬†AC Lens¬†online where I’ve purchased my contact lens for years and¬†searched their website to see if they might have¬†computer glasses.

They did.   Over 30 pair to choose from!

I ordered a pair called E-Specs made by Evolution Eyes.

E-Specs Computer Glasses - Pics 2 of 4

E-Specs Computer Glasses – Pics 2 of 4

I ordered them at zero power since I planned to wear them with my contact lens on.  They also have three color choices for these ones, and I settled on the brown.

Well, my glasses came last month. ¬†And well¬†(drum roll, please)…

I love them!

My eyes immediately felt better.

Much better.

Anti-Glare Screen for Monitors

Yes, I know I can buy an anti-glare screen for my monitors. ¬†I’ve seen co-workers with anti-glare or privacy screens. ¬†I’ve always planned to get one. ¬†The average cost for one on Amazon is around $80. ¬†Like this one.

But I have dual screens.   Plus a laptop screen, smart phone, and tablet.

That’s a lot of screens.

Not to mention that even the TV screen can feel a little “bright” sometimes. ¬†Especially if my eyes are already weary from working on the computer for a few hours.

Feel me?

¬†I may still get an anti-glare screen like this one here… eventually.

For now my new computer glasses serve me just fine.

Mom Said What No Eye Doctor Has…

So I’m grateful to my step-mom mentioning computer glasses (and to AC Lens who sells them online).

Side Note: ¬†I really just call her “Mom,” but since I have more than one mom (I blog here about my biological mom’s battle with breast cancer), I use that description just so you know which mom I’m talking about.

And I’m really surprised that no eye doctor to-date has ever mentioned computer glasses to me!

Because every eye doctor asks my occupation.  And some ask if I stare at a screen for long hours.

Man.  I guess some eye clinics really are focused on their hustle and not your eye health.

No More Eye Strain and Tired Eyes!

Truly my  were so strained and fatigued. 

I could barely see straight and I’d even get a headache at times.

It really felt miserable and was affecting my productivity.

There were times I literally couldn’t stand to look at my computer screen another second. ¬†I’d get up and walk away and would eventually feel relief after resting my eyes, but obviously my work wasn’t getting done during those short breaks.

It’s a blessing that I’ve not experienced this issue before now. ¬†You see, I’ve stared at computer screens most my life. ¬†Many days a week. ¬†Like most computer techs and webmasters (I’m both), long hours are spent on a computer. ¬†Plus, as you can tell by my blog, I love to write! ¬†So that involves being in front of a screen, too.

So I’m not sure if the culprit is old age, my new laptop screen, or a bit of both. ¬†My new laptop screen is a bit “bright” shall we say. ¬†I dimmed the brightness on it, but then it was difficult to see clearly in some of my graphic & video editing software.

 Alas, a horrible Catch-22.

So my computer glasses truly eye savers.

Computer Eye Relief Drops

Computer Eye Relief Drops by Similasan

Computer Eye Relief Drops by Similasan

Ironically, look what I got in the mail as I’m writing this blog post!

Computer Eye Relief Drops by Similasan.

But I didn’t order them. ¬†They came as part of the free Conscious Box I received.

Imagine my surprise that box had “computer eye relief” drops. ¬†So figured I might as well mention it here.

I haven’t tried them just yet but I like what the product says on the sample wrapper. ¬†It boasts of 100% Natural Active Ingredients.

It says it will revitalize tired, strained eyes and that it’s a sting-free formula.

It’s also preservative free and made in Switzerland.

My sample pack contains “2 Single-Use Sterile Eye Droppers.”

I suppose I’ll try them out down the line if my eyes ever get to feeling weary with the computer glasses or maybe when I don’t feel like wearing glasses. ¬†Not sure. But for now I’m just fine with my computer glasses thank you very much.

If anyone is interested in the eye drops, the website on the package is and the phone number provided is 1-800-240-9780.

Adjusting Brightness on Your Computer

It’s also possible to adjust the brightness settings on your computer. When I get a chance, I’ll add a blog post that shows how to do this on the most popular Windows and Mac operating systems and will link to it from here.

In general, on a Windows computer, click the START button, go to the CONTROL PANEL and look for the one that says DISPLAY.  Inside there you should find options for adjusting the brightness of your computer screen.

Additionally, sometimes your monitor itself has buttons to adjust this also (the monitor is the “TV Screen-Looking” part of your computer). ¬†Each monitor buttons work different, but in general, press the button near the power button of your monitor and press down or up arrows until you navigate to the brightness settings.

Goodbye Eye Fatique and Good Riddance!

I hope this post helps somewhere out there in cyber-land who might not know about computer glasses. Or maybe you were Googling about ways to resolve your fatigued eyes.

Even if your eyes aren’t having problems, it might be a good idea to wear some while working at the computer so that you don’t end up having problems like I did!


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