My Bad Week: When One More Thing Kept Going Wrong

My Bad Week: When One More Thing Kept Going Wrong | June's Journal image 1

Who Gave Murphy Permission to Make Laws?

It was one of those weeks. ¬†Hole in the roof. ¬†Two snow days in a row. ¬†Desk broke. ¬†Kitchen sink stopped up. ¬†Oh, and my little guy puked at school and was sent home with a note saying, “Not permitted back in school for 24-hours due to school policy.” ¬†This was after the two snow days.

Talk about “when it rains, it pours.”

Ever have a week like that?

These inconveniences naturally lead to other inconveniences.

Hole in the Roof

Actual footage from our son's room.

Actual footage from our son’s room.

For example, the constant dripping of water in my son’s room was a huge inconvenience due to the hole in the roof. ¬†And the roofers informed us they can’t fix it until the snow melts.

And well, it just kept snowing!

Every couple of weeks… boom. Another snow storm.

Drip.  Drip.   Drip.

Had to convince my 5-year-old son that it is not a game to try to jump over the bucket and dodge the dripping.

And my hand sanitizer-loving self ha a wild imaginations about what just may be dripping down. Bacteria?  Are there creatures living up there?   And will they come into our home at night?  And was there mold growing?

Wait, don’t nobody move. ¬† And while you’re at, nobody breath.

Yeah, inconvenient.

To say the least.

Two Snow Days in a Row

I know kids love them. ¬†And some parents, too, if they get to stay home from work. ¬†Well, I have one of those luxury work from home jobs. So I can’t exactly call out for a snow day. ¬†And well, part of my job is answering calls from attorneys around the nation. So um, kind of hard to do that when your kid is in the background calling your name at a moment’s notice with very important information to relay.

“Mommy? ¬†Did you know woodpeckers have long tongues?”

(That’s true by the way. ¬†A woodpecker’s tongue is about 4-inches long.)

Fortunately my manager let me work on projects for the day that didn’t involve answering phones.

Son Pukes at School

Then after schools in the Philadelphia School District reopen after two snow days, my little guy pukes after lunch. ¬†The theory is he simply ate too fast. ¬†I packed his favorite meal for lunch, and it’s possible he excitedly gobbled it down in Super Sonic speed. ¬†But sick or not, for safety reasons, understandably, he is sent home and not permitted back until the following week.

So much for perfect kindergarten attendance (tongue in cheek).

Keep reading. This post ends on a good note.

I promise.

Kitchen Sink Stopped Up

We tried it all. ¬†Hot boiling water down the drain. ¬†First putting in baking soda and vinegar. ¬†Plus a few other “home” remedies we found online. ¬†(How did families survive before Google?) ¬†But our kitchen sink just wouldn’t unclog. ¬†The plumber, who arrived four days later (that’s a story in and of itself), confirmed that it was the type of clog that we couldn’t undo ourselves. ¬†He tells us it is an accumulation of all previous tenants over many years.

I was just thrilled he was going to make our kitchen sink work again.

Of course, with all the drilling in the kitchen, which is near my home office, I couldn’t really work.

“Hello, Help Desk, may I have your name? ¬†You say it’s hard to hear me? ¬†Sorry, I have a plumber drilling in my kitchen. ¬†What’s that? ¬†Sorry, it’s hard to hear you with all the noise.”

Um, no.

And while I’m not the fastest dishwasher in the Wild Wild West (we don’t have a dishwasher), it was quite a chore to wash the dishes that had accumulated due to the stopped up stink. ¬†Yuck!

Desk Broke

And just when you think nothing else could go bump in the night, something went crash.

And well, at that point, it was just hysterical.  I could only laugh.

I mean, what else could possibly go wrong in the span of three days?

But the broke desk ends on a great note.  You see, I won a gift card from my job for helping to name a new product they are releasing this year.  I put it to great use and ordered a new desk.

A hutch desk to be exact. ¬†The kind that has a very large workspace area, file cabinet drawer, plus two other drawers, and a small cabinet. ¬†I really, really like it. ¬†So I’m a very happy camper!

My hubby spent his entire weekend putting it together. ¬†And I can feel the love as I’m sitting at it now typing this blog post. ¬†A loving, public shout out to my Hot Rod!

I was also blessed to receive a new laptop after nearly two years of working on one where the control button sticks, bad USB ports, and other progressive issues. ¬†So a girl who works from home can’t beat a new desk and a new laptop!

Spring Forward

This weekend it is “Spring Forward” where we set our clocks ahead one hour.

That means no more snow days, right? ¬†I pray so! ¬†I was so spoiled with such a mild winter last year. ¬†I couldn’t believe how many snow storms we had this winter. ¬†But I praise God we were all safe and safe. ¬†I’m glad I didn’t have to commute to work in the bitter cold. ¬†And happy my hubby made it to and from work in one piece.

Yeah, so it was one of those weeks.  Actually one of those months!

But all in all, I am glad and grateful.

Consider it an Opportunity for Great Joy

I Survived a Really Bad Week!

Even if there’s still a hole in my little man’s ceiling.

I’ve survived far worse weeks than this. ¬†This is a piece of cake.

And knowing my God, he will turn it around for good. ¬†Somehow. ¬†Some way. ¬†All for his glory¬†(Romans 8:28). ¬†¬†That’s¬†¬†just how He rolls¬†when we acknowledge Him in all our ways (Proverbs 3:6)?

I pray my little tale of a bad blesses someone out there!

Remember, there’s always someone somewhere who has it worse off at any given moment. That awareness helps to bring perspective to your trial(s).

If you’re alive, have shelter, food, clothes, and a Bible in your home… you are much better off than half the population in the world.

I’ll leave you with James 1:2-4

“Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. ¬†For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”


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  1. Rhonda Van Wyk on Mar 12, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    I think we have all had those moments, but yours is really a good example of things “falling apart” and having no control. Sorry you went through that but it sure does produce patience and endurance when at times that is the only choice we have! : )

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