Add Some Lisa McClendon to Your Christmas Playlist

Add Some Lisa McClendon to Your Christmas Playlist | June's Journal image 2

Christmas Music by Lisa McClendonI’ve been a Lisa McClendon fan for a few years now.  Last year she released a Christmas CD called, “Christmas With You .”  And since Christmas tunes are timeless, it’s a CD that is never too late to grab.  If you are looking for some new songs for your Christmas playlist, I highly recommend grabbing this CD.  Her soulful renditions of popular Christmas music will have you groovin’ and celebrating the Lord’s birth all at once.

You can order it online from for simply $4.95 and download it instantly.

That’s under 5 bucks!

If you are not familiar with Lisa’s music, you can listen to samples of each song right online.  I’ve also posted a video below of her singing one of the songs from the CD called “”El Shaddai.”  This one actually isn’t my favorite.  The song is a bit overplayed in church circles.  For example, Sandi Patti and Amy Grant and countless others have sung this song on their albums too, Christmas and non-Christmas.   Nonetheless it’s the only video example of the CD I could find and nonetheless showcases her vocal style and talent.

Enjoy & God bless!


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