A Rare 3-Step Technique to Over Come Stuttering

“Stuttering is Curable,” says Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey stuttered severely earlier in his life and says he discovered a technique that can cure stuttering in only one-hour.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I was skeptical too.

I know absolutely nothing about this topic or ailment that afflicts about 5% of children (1 in 20) ages 2 to 5. So I consulted a friend of mine who stutters who believes Steve’s technique is legit.

My friend said the technique made a lot of sense.

“I feel it’s legit and I’ll tell you why. I was considering buying a speech aid called speak easy, it’s an audio delay response device that looks like a hearing aid. It sends delayed audio in your ear when you speak. Think of it as the opposite of his 3 times technique. The device is over 4K so I’ve had some apprehension to getting it. All the instances of not stuttering he described are true. I’m a worship leader at our church and very rarely stutter when I lead or speak from the pulpit for that matter. I never thought to say it to my self before I speak it. And the anxiety portion is so real. I can totally relate.

I think it’s a process. [The length of time it takes a person to overcome stuttering depends on] how long a person has struggled with it. I would think it takes some to to relearn those new habits. Wow. Thanks for sharing this June! I have to put this into practice. He totally may be on to something.

Based on my friend’s response, I decided it was worth sharing this info to potentially help others.

Watch Steve Help a Young Lady Overcome Stuttering

Here is the video clip where Steve describes his technique. He demos it on a woman on his show.

“What makes you stutter,” Steve asserts, “is the anticipation that you’re going to stutter.”

Not Everyone Agrees with This Technique

I found these video responses about Steve’s technique. They disagree that stuttering is curable.

The 3 Step Technique in Full Detail

“What makes you stutter,” he claims, “is the anticipation that you’re going to stutter.”

That it is all in  your mind.

“Your anticipation of stuttering is what stops you,” he says.

The Steps:

  1. Practice talking out loud in the mirror daily.
  2. Once comfortable with that, bring a close friend or relative in and have the relative stand behind you as you look and talk in the mirror. Don’t look at them. Avoid eye contact.
  3. Then finally, repeat everything you are about to say in your head 3 times before you say it out loud

He claims this winning formula is the cure.

Concluding Thoughts

While it may not cure everyone, it’s worth a try for those persons it could cure. I suspect that stuttering issues could range from mild to severe. Perhaps the more mild cases can the best candidates to getting help over time by using this method.

There also seems to be a general consensus that a lot of cases stem from “fear.” A fear of what others think, a fear of public speaking, a fear of failure or other fears. So perhaps “overcoming fear” is another focal point for many struggling with this issue.

Sharing is Caring

If you know of someone who stutters, share this video with that person if you feel led, pray about it first.

Also feel free to share your experiences with Stuttering in the below comments, especially if this technique helps you or someone  you know.



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