7 Places to Buy Natural Hair Products

7 Places to Buy Natural Hair Products | June's Journal image 2

I’m often asked where I buy my natural hair products. ¬†So below is a list of those places! ¬†You can save a lot of money if you make your own products. ¬†From scratch. ¬†Seriously. ¬†I will post some hair¬†recipes¬†in a future post. ¬†But for now, below are places to grab natural hair products.

1)  Sephora


Sephora sells makeup and hair products. ¬†And you’ll find Carol’s Daughter products there. ¬†I work in downtown Philadelphia (Center City), and there’s a Sephora right on 17th and Chestnut Street (1714 Chestnut Street).

2)  Beans Beauty


My absolute favorite “in store” place to grab natural hair products is Beans Beauty. ¬†They’re a family-owned business right in Center City Philadelphia on 17th and Chestnut (1733 Chestnut). ¬†They’re also in Manyunk and other places. ¬†And they have it all! ¬†I’m talking Miss Jessies, Kinky Curly, Mixed Chicks, Carol’s Daughter and other natural hair products. ¬†They also sell the same products online at their store website. I actually attended a “Miss Jessie’s Event” in this store months ago.

3)  Target


¬†Yep, Target. ¬†Or “Tar-shay” as my friends like to say. ¬†Target carries Miss Jessie’s, Kinky Curly, Curls, and Mixed Chicks products and possible more. ¬†They sell them in their store and also at Target.com too. ¬†So if you have in-store or online coupons for Target (like free shipping) here is where you can save big.

4)  Urbanbella


Urbanbella is actually a natural haircare salon in Atlanta, GA. ¬†A friend of mine had her hair done in the salon and wasn’t impressed. ¬†But they have an online store too. ¬†I’ve ordered from it and was impressed with the free shipping and the variety of products available. I recall getting my shipment fast and they included many free samples too! ¬†It’s also cool their store allows customers to sort the products according to hair type, cost, brand, etc. ¬†Every natural hair salon that sells products ought to have an online store like this one.

5)  Amazon


Amazon is where I buy most of my natural hair products. ¬†You see, I’m a PRIME member. ¬†So I get free shipping all year long. ¬†To me, when free shipping is involved, it’s a perfect scenario to have my products shipped to me. ¬†This saves time often money because Amazon sellers are often very competitive. For example, I ordered the 30-ounce Mixed Chicks Leave-In conditioner, the huge one with the pump. ¬†Lasted me all year long! ¬†And I had free shipping plus paid a little less than I would in stores. ¬†Amazon’s Prime membership costs $79/year but if you do all your online ordering exclusively with them, it’s worth it. ¬†Plus as a Prime member I get free movie streaming on my Kindle Fire and free books for my Kindle.

6)  Drugstore.com


Drugstore.com offers free shipping on your first order and carries the major natural hair care products. ¬†For example, two of the many products they carry is Mixed Chicks and Kinky Curly. ¬†So their site is worth searching if you’re bargain hunting.

7)  Vendor Websites


Lastly, you can buy products directly from the vendor’s website. ¬†They sometimes give 15% off (more or less) if you join their mailing list (they will e-mail you a discount code). ¬†Many vendors have buy one get one free offers and first-time buy discounts. ¬†Miss Jessie’s has a fabulous “Buy One Get One Free” sale every Christmas. ¬†On their website and most of their outlets that carry their products participate in the sale as well (they actually package their products taped in 2’s during that time of year, so the resellers gotta offer the deal). ¬†They put huge “Get one free” stickers and wrap two of each product in tape.



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