Write, Forrest, Write


That’s a nod to two movies: Forrest Gump and Finding Forrester.

I have a fellow writer friend. I encouraged her to write. To blog. To just do it. And boy did she ever. She blogged every single day for an entire year!

So watching her discipline herself to do that was extremely inspiring.

I don’t know if I can commit to daily writing, but I have entered some blogging time into my schedule.  I figure if I do it more regularly, I’ll get better at it, find my voice (again) and continue to create regular content again.

I do love to write. I’m a writer at heart. I have always been, since grade school. But I always seem to be too busy helping others pursue their dreams than focusing on any of mine. Writing for me is a great outlet, and I find great joy and satisfaction from sharing resources and helpful information with others. Oh, and I enjoy encouraging people and making them laugh if appropriate and possible.

So here’s to writing again!  Thank you Charlene for the inspiration.

You can check out her blog at http://faithtoraisenate.com.

God bless.