Troubled by the Tagline of New Church Girl Movie

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Today I got a promo in my inbox (see below) from Urban Ministries, Inc saying, “UMI is excited to recommend this movie.”  The title caught my eye, “I’m in Love with a Church Girl – Now in Theatres.”  I smiled.  The graphics in the promo looked nice & fresh (not cheesy like many church-flics-wannabe-mainstraim films I’ve seen in the past).

But then I saw the tagline of the movie, and well, I have a problem with the tagline.  At first glance, the tagline perpetrates the myth that women of God can date unsaved men and lead them to Christ. I know nothing else about this movie yet, but that’s how the tagline strikes me.

Tagline: See the inspiring true story of a man who thinks he has it all… until a Godly woman shows him that everything he has isn’t enough.

Promo below…

I'm in Love with a Church Girl - Promo