Little Known Ways to Cure Cancer: The Gerson Therapy

Little Known Ways to Cure Cancer: The Gerson Therapy | June's Journal image 4

Watch the below video to learn about an alternative called The Gerson Therapy, natural cure for cancer and other illnesses.  This same method is used by many persons to PREVENT getting cancer in the first place.  The video is broken up into nine (9) parts, totaling 81-minutes, and the parts should automatically play one right after the other because I setup a video playlist.  This means you can also skip any part as desired by clicking the right arrow on the side of the video screen, but I highly recommend that you watch the entire presentation.

In addition to the “The Gerson Therapy” by Dr. Max Gerson, there’s another well-known individual named Dr. Sebi who also  practices natural healing methods with much success.  To learn more about Dr. Max Gerson or Dr. Sebi, just do a Google search on their names or a YouTube search.

So many loved ones have died needlessly because life-saving information like this is not endorsed by the government.

Right in nature God gave us all our bodies need. After all, He created our bodies.   But it was never His plan for us to digest pesticides, chemicals, polution, and other toxins, so it’s a good thing He made the body resilent.  Yet, even though our bodies are resilent, it can only take so much abuse… and ugly things like cancer set in.  The Bible actually predicts there will be a time where there is “pestilence throughout the land.”  Thankfully God has also put right in nature things that can help cure our abused bodies.

There’s a scripture that says, “People perish for lack of information,” so that’s one reason I like to share information with others, so that fewer perish.  Because as many peope “already know” this information, there are many people who do not.

Because unfortunately our own American government makes a point to not advertise or even allow (legally) alternative cures like The Gerson Therapy or Medical Cannabis.  I plan at some point to write a blog post dedicated to the topic of Cannabis.  After watching a dozen videos of people getting cured by this stuff, I can’t believe this herb is outlawed.  At least let medical community use it!  But of course they’d rather people buy much more expensive drugs or subscribe to costly treatments because the medical world is one, big booming business!

I would also like to say that not all alternative methods are created equal either, so it’s important to do your research and homework before settling on one.  For example, Coretta Scott King,  Dr. King’s wife, died at age 78 at a clinic in Mexico where she had sought alternative treatment for ovarian cancer, but the clinic did not practice the methods recommended in the above video, sadly.  I hate that they even call alternative treatments “alternative.”    It’s the chemotherapy and radiation that should be called alternative, because nature is the way it was originally intended for us all.

But I would never frown upon anyone who endures and survives the traditional methods like chemo or radiation. My own mother was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer just last year.

She opted to have a mastectomy to cut off that part which was offending her body.  And after that surgery she had chemotherapy to make sure all the cancer was truly gone and wouldn’t return.  She lost her hair and had a few complications with the whole ordeal but she’s back in action with her normal lifestyle.  So I don’t judge anyone who undergoes these methods, but it’s nice to know of other options.

In conclusion and summary:

The Gerson Therapy is a powerful, natural treatment that boosts your body’s own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases. One aspect of the Gerson Therapy that sets it apart from most other treatment methods is its all-encompassing nature. An abundance of nutrients from thirteen fresh, organic juices are consumed every day, providing your body with a superdose of enzymes, minerals and nutrients. These substances then break down diseased tissue in the body, while enemas aid in eliminating the lifelong buildup of toxins from the liver.

Nutritional therapy for healing cancer is the US is not legal which is a crime for those suffering from this degenerative disease. The body is capable of self healing if provided with the right raw materials. The Gerson Therapy has shown countless times to be successful at healing the body from the inside out by treating nutritional deficiencies using whole foods and removing toxins safely using coffee enemas.

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