The Candy Ring, a Webisode by Solomon Jones

The Candy Ring, a Webisode by Solomon Jones | June's Journal image 2

Solomon Jones does it all.  Author of best-selling books.  Popular speaker.  Director of Literacy Program for school systems called “Words on the Street.”  Writer of weekly column in The Daily News.  Political activist (he works for Congressman Chaka Fattah).  Professor at Temple University.  Spoken Word Artist.   Spokes Model for Verizon (have you seen the ad campaign).  Father.  Husband.   But did you know he produces webisodes?

Yep. Webisodes.  They are hilarious mini-dramas based on his popular newspaper column and book, “Keeping Up With the Jones,” that you can watch online!

Watch a webisode right now called, “The Candy Ring,” starring his daughter Eve Jones as “The Candy Don.”  (Click the PLAY button above to watch.)

Solomon & LaVeta Jones

This particular webisode captures how many of us feel about the dreaded candy fundraisers that parents are often forced to support and promote, and the comical insanity of it all.  Everyone can use a laugh (the Bible says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine“), and Solomon makes it easy with his webisodes.  So watch, have a great laugh, and then share the laugh!

Use the SHARE button below to spread the laughter.  Social networking can also help get good work like this noticed.  Just ask Qasim Basir, the writer/director of Mooz-Lum, an independent movie that forced its way into AMC Theatres in major cities across North America last month by demand of ordinary people everywhere like you and me.

Let’s make this webisode the number one watched video on YouTube.  An easy accomplishment with your help!

As Solomon put it, “Let’s make it go viral.”   Thanks, everyone.