Could you do this with one leg? How about one arm?


Rickshaw Driver With Only One Leg And Arm

This video is inspiring. How so?

Well, this is someone who lost his leg at age 12. Then lost his arm due to a blocked vein. Then he became a widow.  His work as a Cycle rickshaw driver is how he provides for his two sons.

He has a can-do, must-do attitude. Even without his limbs, he can go faster than other rickshaw pullers who have both their legs and arms.  He also takes pride in cleaning and maintaining the puller he owns (he used to rent one but saved up enough money to purchase his very own which earns him more income).

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As my friend Melody says on her voicemail greeting,
“Do not sweat the small stuff.”

This video reminds us how blessed we all are!  There is always someone on the Earth who is experiencing more trials and difficulty in life than we are.  We all have our trials in different ways.  Yet, it is still possible to find joy in life if you open your eyes wide enough.

Mourning endures for the night, but joy comes in the mourning!

Serenity Prayer

Sometimes it is about perspective.  We can’t change some people or things in our lives, but we can change our attitudes about those people or things. We can change how we react or respond.

Sometimes we can move. Sometimes we can change jobs.  We have more power than we realize!

Serenity Prayer Picture from the Christian Bookstore hanging in my living room
Serenity Prayer Picture in my living room

As the serenity poem puts it (which I have hanging on my wall):

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

What things in your life do you not like?  Can you change them?  Don’t be so fast to say no.  It may be more possible than you realize if you can muster up enough courage!

In the case of the rickshaw puller in the video above, he can’t change the fact he is missing one arm and one leg, but he has accepted that.  But what things has he changed?  Food for thought!

Remind Yourself of the Serenity Prayer!

One of the reasons I have the Serenity Prayer hanging in my living room, is to remind myself of the wisdom in this prayer, to essential prayer for and seek wisdom.  God asked King Solomon what he wanted, and instead of requesting money, power, or material things, he requested wisdom (which in turn helped him to gain more money, power and material things). Altho he makes it clear that his hope is not in “horses and chariots” (material things) but it is steadfast in the Lord.

I could not find the exact picture above that I bought at a local Christian bookstore that was going out of business, but I found a few on Amazon below that you might enjoy.  Having it as a picture on your wall is a great reminder to pray for God to show you the difference between things you cannot change, the things you can, and the difference between the two!

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