Repost: Joe Morton: Most Black Films Are All About The Same Topic

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Actor Joe Morton, who plays on ABC’s Scandal, recently wrote an article called, “When Will Black Historical Films Focus On Triumph, Rather Than Plight?”  In it, he speaks pointedly about black films being largely produced today.  He says too many of them are about the same topic (e.g., slavery, integration) when there are so many other wonderful stories to be told.

Later he does an in-person interview with Marc Lamont-Hill and argues we need to drop the label ‘Black Film” for those movies to do better for overseas audiences like Europe where there’s not many Black people there.

Morton clarifies,

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that films like 12 Years a Slave should not be done.  I’m suggesting that, ‘Yes, you need to remind each other that slavery did happen in this country, that it is part of the fabric that makes up this nation.’   However, it’s not the only thing in our history.  It’s not the only part of our legacy.  There’s large numbers of stories about all kinds of things that we’ve done that you never get a chance to see.”

Watch that segment below.

You can watch the entire interview here.