Repost: An open letter to youths playing the ‘Knockout Game’

Repost: An open letter to youths playing the 'Knockout Game' | June's Journal

[color-box]Editor’s Note: Solomon is a friend of the family. He’s also a best-selling novelist and popular columnist in multiple publications, including and others. Recently my husband was saddened by the recent news of a popular game, “Knock-Out” in NJ. He mentioned it to Solomon as a story idea, but Rodney was concerned that a feature story may  spar other youths to join in the game.  Well, Solomon came up with the perfect way spotlight the issue.  He penned an Open Letter addressed to the young persons engaged in this dangerous activity. A teaser of the letter appears below.  There’s a link at the bottom of the teaser that will link you to the whole article. Please share! [/color-box]

Dear young brothers:

I’ve heard about the Knockout Game, in which you walk up to an unsuspecting person and sucker punch them, hoping to render them unconscious with a single blow.

get it

While I understand the revulsion that many have shown toward this particular source of entertainment, I also understand the allure it has for you.

Here you are, in the throes of adolescence, testosterone coursing through your body at rates you’ll never see again, and there is no outlet whatsoever for the resultant aggression.

Just like other teens, your brains have not matured to the point where you will reason beyond the moment.

You are, like any adolescent, more apt to take risks, to be impulsive, and to give in to your most base instincts.

The instinct of a young man is to be a warrior. That instinct is intrinsic. It is what allowed civilizations to survive — at least initially.

When societies formed and resources were scarce, the strong would take from the weak, and strength was defined by the brutality and bravery of warriors.

They were the heroes and the protectors, the fighters who became legends. They were also among the first to die, because warriors don’t grow old through sheer brutality. They grow old when they combine their aggression with cunning, with reason, and with wisdom.

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