From Rage to Praise: a Couple’s Infertility Struggle

From Rage to Praise: a Couple's Infertility Struggle | June's Journal image 5

[color-box]We often have no idea what people cry about behind closed doors.  Many couples struggle with infertility.  A few people I know have batted this in recent years.  For example, my friend Rhonda who shares her story here about adoption. And recently Gessie Thompson of the Uplift Group who manages artists like Duce (a Christian rapper who is known as “The Ambassador”), shared her story’s painful beginning & happy ending with Essence Magazine. Her story and many other stories, such as Kay Arthur’s story, a mom who is still mourning over her son’s suicide a year ago, vividly reminds us to be a lot more sensitive to people around us.  For example, insisting on frequently asking someone, “Why haven’t you had children yet?” Maybe they just aren’t ready, don’t plan on it, or can’t. If you’re dealing with infertility, consider Gessie’s phone conference support group here. I pray Gessie’s story blesses you.  Read her full story in May’s edition of Essence’s Magazine that is on shelves now![/color-box]

Marc and Gessie Thompson
Marc and Gessie Thompson

Determined to Be a Mom

[dropcap type=”1″]N[/dropcap] ew York-based brand manager Gessie Thompson was determined to be a mom. With a fighting, faithful spirit, she went to war against dramatic health problems-and won.

For me the path to motherhood was a ten-year battle that began in a doctor’s office in 2001. My husband, Marc, and I were ready to expand our family, but our plans were put on hold when a checkup revealed I had fibroids. My gynecologist and I decided I’d have a myomectomy, to remove the fibroids but leave my uterus intact.
Still, five years later, Marc and I had had no success conceiving. I knew something was wrong when I began experiencing crippling abdominal pain and sex became excruciating: The fibroids were back, bigger and more scattered. After consulting fertility specialists, I had a second myomectomy in 2006, then abowel resection due to a resulting obstruction. Normal conception was impossible now because of the scarring. Undaunted, in 2008 we pursued in vitro fertilization (IVF) and got pregnant after the first round—but after nine weeks I miscarried.Two more IVF cycles in 2009 were unsuccessful. Also distressing was that my fibroids had returned once again.

Age 39 and a Third Myomectomy

[pull_quote_right] Hormone injections kept me in a state of rage.[/pull_quote_right]By the time of my third myomectomy, in 2010, I was 39 and had a narrowing window of opportunity to conceive. I was also wrestling with the effects of IVF. Besides causing physical challenges, the hormone injections kept me in a state of rage.

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 Gessie Thompson's Story Featured in Essence Magazine

If you’re dealing with infertility, consider Gessie’s phone conference support group here.

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