Learn Paleo-Hebrew Alef-Bet


It’s said that kids can learn and master foreign languages EASIER and FASTER than adults. Here is a book that helps your little ones master Paleo-Bebrew, the original language of the Bible!

Learners will be able to:

  • Write each of the early, middle and late paleo-Hebrew pictographs (letters). (There are 22 letters and 3 scripts (early, middle and late) for a total of 66 pictographs)
  • Recognize each pictograph at sight and know them by their names
  • Recognize the sound(s) of each pictograph
  • Recite each pictograph’s corresponding English alphabet letter

Beginner and advanced Hebrew readers will appreciate this book that incomes a 56-page Handwriting exercise workbook. Pictures are included to help Learners with proper pronunciation. Please note that grammar and vowels are not covered, as this book focuses on mastering and memorizing the alphabet, the first step for learning any new language. Study daily, practice, have patience and persistence and you will be on your way! Try not to complete all the exercises in one sitting but rather space yourself out and give yourself time. Then repeat what you’ve learned until you achieve each of the learning objectives.

Your whole family can enjoy discovering and learning the rich and wonderful Hebrew language of our biblical ancestors through this book!

Highly recommended.