An Open Letter to Trader Joe’s Re: Oil Spray

An Open Letter to Trader Joe’s Re: Oil Spray | June's Journal

Dear Trader Joe’s, my family loves your stores. We are on a mission to eat “clean,” to be as healthy and fit as possible.  We want to put good things in our bodies, and your store helps us to do that.  Your shelves brim with products chock full of great nutrition and taste.

One item in particular we buy a lot from Trader Joe’s.  It’s the Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil Spray.  To quote the can, it’s a “Non Stick Cooking Spray excellent for cooking & flavoring.”  But we noticed something about this product that brings me to write this letter today.

While the product is sodium free, it is not cap trouble-free.


You see, no one else is probably going to tell you.  So let me be the one.  Your olive oil cap, well, leaves much to be desired.  It’s difficult to get the cap off and twice as difficult putting the cap back on.  Recapping your can of olive oil alone can make an otherwise delightful experience of cooking up a quick grilled cheese for our four-year a bit, well, disconcerting.

Initially I thought perhaps God had brought your unruly cap into my life to teach me patience.  But then I realized this is unlikely since I can simply buy other brands of olive oil spray in other stores and not experience such grief.

You see, what usually happens when we buy your olive oil spray is that eventually myself or my husband breaks the cap trying to quickly recap it as we are busily preparing food.  And well, the cracked cap exposes cracked edges that are surprisingly very sharp.  So once the cap breaks, an inevitability it seems, we usually toss said loathed cap into the trash and then our poor olive oil can sits in the pantry, capless.

Please make no mistake about it, that we’d rather buy your product.  ‘Tis true.  Alas, when there is olive oil spray on our grocery list, we may just gravitate to crossing off this item standing in aisles of the other stores, like  Whole Foods, Giant or even Pathway.

You see, these other stores make olive oil spray cans, too, but with caps that glide on and off with ease.  It’s like these other stores knew that capping and recapping would be a daily thing and oughtta be easy.  I won’t dare mention that they also charge less for theirs.

Won’t you please reconsider the container, namely the cap of the container, for this very fine product of yours?  Let’s end the cap battle in homes everywhere.  We’d much rather purchase our olive oil spray at Trader Joe’s.

Most Sincerely,

A loyal customer who cares enough to tell you the helpful truth,

June Wilson