Great Resources for Persons Seeking a Job in the Medical Billing or Coding Field #workfromhome

Recently a beloved friend and sister in the faith (shout out to Abiiiii) asked me,

“Hey June, do you know of any scholarships I can apply for that will pay for a billing and coding program?

Truthfully, I didn’t know of any!

I had a hunch there might be a couple free online courses or people on YouTube schooling people. Turns out there was! I compiled listed these below along with some related articles. also has classes, most starting at $10.99, that teach medical coding skills, medical terminology, and even classes that help you pass the CAPM and related exams.

As a few of the videos explain below, once you have the skills, you can get medical billing or medical coding jobs that permit you to work from home! There are even some jobs you can land without passing any exams as long as you can prove you have the needed skills, as one vlogger shares below.

Hope this helps someone out there, especially Abiiiii!

Videos & Articles about how to Get a Medical Coding Job



Do you have Tips on Landing a Medical Coding Job? Or Billing Coder?

Please share in the comments section below if we have missed any resources, especially free or low cost ones. Thank you & Shalom!


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