Marriage Testimony: Felix & Ashley Gilbert: Defeating Pornography & More

Marriage Testimony: Felix & Ashley Gilbert: Defeating Pornography & More | June's Journal image 1

I’ve shared some public marriage testimonies on my blog before; for example, Duce and Missie Branch and Manny & Nicole Lambert.  Today I’m sharing the testimony of Felix & Ashley Gilbert.  Felix is a PK from Colorado and very gifted musician, DJ, graphic and flash designer, and web developer.  He was one of my team members when I ran JDWeb Solutions full-time in the past.  He stood out from the crowd, so much so that when I closed shop in 2007, I handed over two of my biggest clients to him, including Cross Movement Records (CMR).  When Felix first got married, I  interacted some with his wife Ashley also with respect to the GirlzTalk website, an online ministry I ran for women.  Ashley is a wonderful gifted writer, among many other talents.  Plus she has a cool blog (at where she sometimes shares about her natural hair journey and healthier foods journey, two topics I also blog on.  She also tweets as @Allnaturalp31.

The Secret Sin - by Dr. Mark LaaserSince 2007 I haven’t had as much contact with them, especially now that Felix is anti-WordPress (inside joke) (I’ve since reopened JDWeb Solutions and use WordPress exclusively for CMS solutions) (video forthcoming).  Jokes aside, their testimony is very real, very powerful, and it addresses many of the angles that couples deal with when one spouse is engaged in the “secret sin” of pornography. I recall giving a talk about this topic at Southeastern University in the mid 1990s to a hermenutics class of aspiring pastors.  I introduced to them Dr. Mark Laaser’s book, “The Secret Sin:  Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction.”  A groundbreaking book for that time in many Christian circles.  Still today, this topic needs to be addressed more candidly in churches everywhere, like Zion Church has done (where Felix & Ashley worship now in the DC-area).

I love how Ashley also shared how God used her husband’s struggle to open her up to the healing she also needed to take place in her.

She says, “I realized my pain was real, and I realized that my brokenness came way before I got married … that I came into our marriage seeking something that [Felix] couldn’t give me.”

Thank you, Felix & Ashley, for opening up your lives & hearts, especially when you were even feeling well!  Praying continued blessings on your marriage and family and the little one God is knitting in your womb.  God bless.  Watch their testimony video below.

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