LeapPad: An iPad-Like Tablet Just for Kids

LeapPad:  An iPad-Like Tablet Just for Kids | June's Journal image 1

Sure, you can let your kids use your iPad… and pray they don’t keeping dropping it and break it.  Or, get them the new LeapPad from LeapFrog, a tablet made just for kids that includes downloadable apps and all the rest!

I came across the wonderful LeaPad invention by accident actually.

We go on family vacation this month, and we’ll be on a sleeper train from Philly to Chicago.  Wanting to arm our little man with something “new” to entertain him on the long ride (he’s just shy of 3-years-old), I’ve been eyeballing the Leapster®2 Learning System, recommended for his age on the LeapFrog website (even though the store advertises ages 4-8).

But when I got to Toys-R-Us (we went to the one by Granite Hill Mall where we watched Cars 2 courtesy of free movie tickets from my job), and they had both Leapster2 and Leapster Explorer on display.  I knew nothing about Leapster Explorer, and except for the Explorer having a bigger screen, I couldn’t readily detect the differences.  The customer service line was crazy long and I had go, so I decided to go home and google product reviews, and I’m so glad I did!

After doing some research online, I discovered LeapPad, a new product that LeapFrog is releasing next month!

I definitely prefer to get him LeapPad Explorer over Leapster2 or Leapster Explorer.  So even though the new product won’t be on shelves prior to our family trip (we’ll just have to take his current FisherPrice computer and portable DVD player with his special kid size headphones and favorite movies), I’ve decided to get one when it hits the shelves mid-August.  It has a much wider screen than the others and looks more like Mommy’s computer screen (I actually don’t have an IPad, and I don’t plan on purchasing a tablet any time soon; I personally would love a Google Chrome OS computer cuz I’m a 100% cloud computing type of chick).   I think it’s ideal not just for long train rides, but for daily car rides to keep him occupied while Mommy and Daddy are trying to hold a conversation without being interrupted multiple times: “Mommy!  I see a dog. Mommy, look, a dog. Mommy.  Mommy.  Daddy.”  It’s also cool that I can connect it to my PC to monitor his learning or download other learning tools.  I love that it can detect when he’s mastered a certain activity and makes it slightly more challenging.  The home screen is customized with his picture and much more.

To see the cool comparison list between the LeapPad and Leapster Explorer, click here.

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